VODone Broadcasting Union System Sets New Benchmark for Online Advertising, iResearch Reveals

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2008-03-12 22:37 743

HONG KONG, March 12 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- VODone Limited ("VODone" or the "Company") (HKEx: 0082.HK), a leading telemedia service provider in China, announced that iResearch, an authoritative network media data consultancy, conducted a comprehensive research on VODone's core business, VODone Broadcasting Union System (VODone BUS), and issued the "Research Report on the Media Value of VODone BUS" recently. The findings revealed that the attractive advertising content on VODone BUS draws people's attention, bringing the click rate up as high as 64.9%. The report reaffirms the business model and future potential of VODone BUS.

The research report issued by iResearch consists of five parts, including the introduction of Internet development in China as well as user value, use value, advertising value and media value of VODone BUS. For details, please browse: .

The report analysed the behavioural patterns of the users of VODone BUS' alliance websites and concluded that: 63% of VODone BUS users have experienced online shopping, with above one-third of them making frequent purchases online. VODone BUS users on average shop every month, and the average single online shopping expenditure is RMB 421 each time, while the average highest single purchase is RMB1,053.

Moreover, 75.2% of VODone BUS users conduct well-informed financial management, and the financial products they frequently use are credit cards (39.7%), funds (30.9%), insurance (29.5%) and equities (29.0%).

The research report revealed that the average age of VODone BUS users is 29 years old, with two thirds of them attaining university qualification or above. Forty percent of them are white-collared workers with stable employment. Those people are frequent Internet users and have an active social life. They have a strong loyalty to brands and are receptive to brand advertisements. They are a group of consumption-conscious people and possess sound knowledge in financial management. On average, they spend 18.6 days per month browsing online videos with an average duration of 14 hours per month.

The VODone BUS is the core business of VODone. It generates advertising income via broadcasting advertisements on alliance websites. VODone shares profit with participating sites, while helping advertisers to promote their brands and products via the VODone BUS' 14 million-user platform, hence extending the reach to 210 million Internet users in China in the fastest possible way. According to the technical support from the Double Click and data monitoring from AC Nielsen, VODone BUS' daily page view surpassed 120,000,000, while independent IP has surpassed 9,000,000. Indeed, VODone BUS is clearly the largest online broadcasting advertising platform in China.

With 20 categories of customer segmentation, VODone BUS is the perfect platform to bring different kinds of products and services to various consumers. It adopts a structure that stipulates payment after broadcasting of the advertisement and hence ensures zero wastage on every dollar spent on advertising. According to iResearch, the daily page view of VODone BUS is far higher than that of other renowned portals.

Industry watchers believed online broadcasting advertisement is set to boom in the future as it has clear advantages over TV and outdoor LED or LCD advertising: relatively low cost of production, higher level of interaction, much more targeted to specific audience groups and stronger diversity.

"The efforts we made to perfect VODone BUS in 2007 have started to borne fruits," said Dr. Zhang Lijun, Chairman of VODone. "We will continue to seek new ways to enhance VODone BUS and are committed to bringing online broadcasting advertisement market in China to new heights," he added.

About VODone Limited

Founded in 2005, Vodone Telemedia Co. Ltd., a strategic partner of VODone Limited (0082.HK), is the first and leading online video media group in China. It is also the only enterprise in China to own a complete set of licenses to operate video broadcasting on the Internet. Vodone Telemedia has contracted the technical and promotional services to Vodone Datamedia Technology Co., Ltd. for 50 years.

In September 2006, upon the completion of the sale and purchase agreement between Dr. Zhang Lijun and VODone Limited, Vodone Datamedia Technology Co., Ltd. and subsidiaries of VODone Limited collaborated to further develop the telemedia service business. Capital Market funds were deployed creating support and laying a solid capital foundation for the development of VODone Limited. Vodone Telemedia supports the broadcast of financial information, entertainment, sports and lifestyle programs through multimedia on the platforms of leading Internet and telecom network operators. Integrating various websites in China, VODone has formed the largest online video advertising broadcasting union, providing 160 million Internet users with online video content and advertising services.

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