World Renowned Keukenhof Gardens in Holland Will Open March 21

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LISSE, The Netherlands, March 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

  • Keukenhof shows a flower bulb mosaic of Big Ben and Tower Bridge

The Keukenhof theme for 2013 is "United Kingdom - Land of Great Gardens". Keukenhof will be focusing on the United Kingdom in a colourful way, the country being an important partner both in terms of flower bulb export as well as tourism. The country also offers an enormous variety of different gardens and landscapes. What's more, Keukenhof itself was originally designed as an English landscape garden.


The most beautiful spring garden in the world opens its gates. Mention the word Keukenhof just about anywhere in the world and you're sure to be met with a look of happy recognition. On 21 March 2013 Keukenhof opens its gates for the 64th time. When the gates close eight weeks later, another 800,000 guests from all over the world will have visited the Keukenhof international flower exhibition in Holland.

The most popular draw at Keukenhof in 2013 is sure to be the flower bulb mosaic of Big Ben and Tower Bridge. The mosaic measures 13 by 22 metres and has been created from almost 60,000 flower bulbs. Its colourful splendour will reveal itself in all its floral glory in the spring of 2013.

It is Springtime, there is a lot of organic activity going on under the ground at Keukenhof in Lisse. Around seven million flowering bulbs have been planted during the past months and as spring breaks, these will provide the traditional colorful splendor of the international flowering bulb exhibition.

Keukenhof was originally the herb garden ("keuken" means kitchen in Dutch) of the Countess of Holland, Jacoba van Beyeren (1401-1436). In 1840, the horticultural architects Zocher, a father and son, designed the park that forms the basis of the current Keukenhof. They also designed the noted Vondelpark in Amsterdam.

Keukenhof is the showcase of the Dutch horticultural industry, with the emphasis on flowering bulbs. The exhibitions and events in the park interrelate a host of Dutch items in the field of culture and the arts. Unexpected approaches highlight various aspects of contemporary and classic designs alike.

Keukenhof 2013

21 March – 20 May

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