Xinhua Far East Assigns AA Issuer Credit Rating to China Shenhua Energy Company Limited

2007-03-06 16:40 1147

HONG KONG, March 6 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Xinhua Far East China Ratings ("Xinhua Far East") today assigned an AA issuer credit rating to China Shenhua Energy Company Limited ("Shenhua" or "the Company", HK 1088). The company's rating outlook is stable.

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The AA rating reflects Shenhua's leading market position in China's coal mining industry in terms of reserves, scale, efficiency and the potential to benefit from strengthening coal consumption in China. Meanwhile, Xinhua Far East notes that, by integrating coal-power railways into its business model, Shenhua has been able to strengthen its market position, boost its earnings and help itself withstand business cycles. The rating also reflects the government's strong support in nurturing large-scale coal groups and upgrading the industry as a whole. At the same time, the rating incorporates our concerns about both rising capacity in the highly fragmented Chinese coal mining sector and the impact of potential increases of resource taxes on Shenhua's future profitability.

Xinhua Far East believes China will continue to rely heavily on coal as a major energy source. Consumption of large volumes of coal should persist as a result of overall economic development and growing demand from the power, steel and construction sectors. This provides growth opportunities for Shenhua, which not only leads China's coal producing industry in terms of reserves and coal output, but also is highly profitable and operationally efficient.

Of particular note is the core competitiveness of Shenhua's coal-power railway integrated business model, which has enhanced the market positions and earning abilities of its coal and power segments, helping the company to withstand economic cyclicality. Owning and managing dedicated railway lines and ports have been especially valuable for the Company, given the persisting coal transportation bottleneck which has plagued China's coal industry for years. We believe an expansion of Shenhua's power business over the next few years will further reinforce this advantage.

Shenhua's coal production, power generation, railway lines and port construction levels are continuing to show strong growth, meaning the company will incur large capital expenditure over the next two to three years. However, we believe it will be able to generate sufficient cash flow to meet its expenditure needs without having to resort to external financing. As a result, Shenhua has limited debt pressures over the medium term, with its current gearing ratio possibly even declining modestly in the future.

Despite the fact that Shenhua is one of the more competitive coal enterprises in China, we have concerns about the current state of industry fragmentation. With rapidly rising capacity and intensifying competition, the coal market is becoming more volatile. This may exert pressure on Shenhua's earnings moving forward. However, despite the inherent industry risks, the government's efforts to consolidate the sector and its support of leading companies like Shenhua should eventually benefit large-scale producers.

Even so, a rising awareness of the importance of sustainable development of the economy is expected to prompt policy-makers to substantially raise resource taxes on coal in the near future. This is another factor constraining Shenhua's ability to achieve a higher rating.

Established in November 2004, China Shenhua Energy Co Ltd is the world's second and fourth largest coal enterprise in terms of coal reserves and annual coal production respectively. In 2005, the thermal coal it produced accounted for 12% of China's total output. Shenhua also operates ten power plants across China, with a total installed generation capacity of 10,000 GW as of the end of 2006. As of June 30, 2006, Shenhua Group Corporation Limited, Shenhua's parent company, held an 81.21% equity stake in the company.

China Shenhua Energy Co Ltd is also a constituent of the Xinhua/FTSE China 25. As of market close March 5, 2007, its total H-share market capitalization and investable capitalization were HK$329.2 billion and HK$37.96 billion respectively.

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