Xu Hao from Camera360: It Is the Technological Innovation that Sustains a Product

An Interview with the CEO of a Cutting-edge Start-up in Tianfu Software Park
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CHENGDU, China, Oct. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Xu Hao, founder of CAMERA360, specialising in the advancement of image technologies, discusses tech innovation and the mobile phone photography market.

Chengdu Tianfu Software Park (the Park) is one of China's 11 national software industry bases, a national software export innovation base, and a national service outsourcing base urban demonstration park. Since officially beginning operations in 2005, the Park has attracted over 600 domestic and international tenants, including IBM, SAP, EMC, Philips, Maersk, Siemens, Ericsson, Dell, Wipro, DHL, PwC, NCS, Garmin, Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, and Manulife Financial. Among these, 34 are Fortune Global 500 companies. The Park currently houses over 60,000 working staff.

Meanwhile, the Park is operating China's renowned startup incubation platform, Tianfu Software Park. Lab, as well as the largest national public technology support platform in western China, one of the most important industrial platforms in Chengdu and western China in order to offer innovative startup services to the mobile Internet sector.

Xu Hao from Camera360: It Is the Technological Innovation that Sustains a Product

In a beauty economy where selfies and live streaming prevail, with just a swipe, an idealized version of the real-world selves will be created. Thanks to the enhancement of mobile phone cameras and other hard-wares, it seems the application of mobile phone cameras in life scenarios is here to stay. As a high-tech start-up incubated in Tianfu Software Park, Camera360 is hugely popular at home with a strong user base, and also has appeal in Southeast Asia, Japan, and South Koran. At this point, Camera360 has accumulated over 800 million users globally, including over 550 million overseas users. Such an encouraging picture prompts us to ask: how Camera360 has managed to sweep both domestic and foreign markets in what felt like one fell swoop?

As an early-comer among start-ups, Camera360 keeps scaling new heights in deep photographic technologies.

On initial encounter, Xu Hao showed up wearing black T-shirt with the logo of CAMERA360. Few people could imagine that such a fine gentleman with easy-going charm could carve out a path in the mobile phone camera field, and enable the "Made-in-Chengdu" product to go global.

Back in 2010, a start-up budded from an office of no more than 20 square meters in Tianfu Software Park Venture Field. "CAMERA360 has dedicated itself to exploration and innovation for seven years along with the advancement of image technologies, which I believe is highly meaningful," said Xu Hao, the founder and CEO of Camera360.

"Over the years, our mission has been making the world a more beautiful place." According to Xu Hao, his company employs professional image algorithm to cope with the facial features of different users. While making mobile phone cameras discern face contours more accurately, it well retains skin texture, ensuring a more natural way of skin beautifying.

"Along with the beautifying function, we also come up with some 300 flattering filters of various styles. For us, the top priority is to tap into powerful technologies, and to make professional photos possible just with the help of simple apps." Xu Hao always believes that technological innovation serves as the very foundation of products.

The team of Camera360 has remained committed to upgrading products with the help of technological innovation. Following a technology-oriented approach, it keeps breaking new breakthroughs along the way. Camera360 has rolled out new-generation AI-powered painting engine, lightweight photography app Camera360 Lite, an intelligent editing app for Music short video called Go4, and other quality apps.

Tailoring products to overseas markets and identifying new way of shaping light exchange community for users

Overseas markets have turned out to be new battle fields for players vying with each other.Camera360 started to seek overseas presence long ago. As indicated in a report about the going-global endeavor of home apps in 2016, Camera360 topped the list among photo apps. Camera360, a start-up springing up from Tianfu Software Park and ventured into global market since 2011, has emerged as a pacesetter for home developers to follow as they look to secure foothold worldwide.

"From the very beginning, we sought to serve not only domestic users, but also photography enthusiasts of the whole world." Powered by strong R&D capabilities, multiple products of Camera360 have been listed as "theAnnual Choice Apps" by the App Store of Apple in 2015 and 2016; it had been named by Google as "the World's Leading Developers", and was rated by Google as "2016 Annual Choice Apps" in multiple countries and regions. Its products have won the favor of users in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korean, and Japan.

Given that over 50% of mobile phone photo app users are female, the picture community of Camera360 features female-dominated topics and excellently user-friendly interactions. "We all know that women are all sharing-minded creatures. Just look at how users share their photos about skin care, cosmetics, and clothing, we can see that user demand goes far beyond pure sharing activity.Camera360 intends to, by tapping into the potential of the huge user base and intensive interaction among them, build a social platform of international flavor for these sharing-loving friends, and offer 'close loop' services ranging from production to consumption. That's how we will enable each user to show to the world an ideal version of himself or herself."

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