YOHOOD 2017 Global Fashion Carnival Makes a Splash in Shanghai

2017-09-13 14:28 1300

SHANGHAI, Sept. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- YOHO! Group, China's leading fashion e-commerce platform, has wrapped up its fifth YOHOOD2017 Global Fashion Carnival in Shanghai. Themed as YOHO! & FRIENDS this year, the star-studded 3-day event has attracted almost 60,000 fashion fans and brought over 150 well-known fashion labels.

NIGO®, Pharrell Williams and TET at YOHOOD 2017 Global Fashion Carnival
NIGO®, Pharrell Williams and TET at YOHOOD 2017 Global Fashion Carnival

Well-established brands like Vans, Dickies, Air Jordan, BMW, Nike, Adidas neo and undercover etc. all presented their statement pieces with their fans. YOHO! creative director NIGO®, stars including Pharrell Williams, Russell Westbrook representing Jordan XS NBA, and other famed fashion icons all popped up at the show. Individual celebrity brand owners have also brought their latest fashion products at their booth; such as, Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue with Madness, Singaporean singer JJ Lin with SMG, Hong Kong actor and fashion icon Sam Lee with Subcrew, and Chinese famous stylist and fashion editor & blogger Frankie Han with AKOP.

Mars Liang, CEO of YOHO!Group said, "We are glad that YOHOOD Global Fashion Carnival has gathered numerous trendy people in one place and actively participating in our activities. As the fifth year of the carnival, we are seeing the event as a key platform for fashion groups and young people to communicate and express their free ideas towards their trendy lifestyle. This is also the spirit that YOHO! Group wants to transmit." 

YOHOOD Carnival Attracting Massive Visitors at Shanghai, China
YOHOOD Carnival Attracting Massive Visitors at Shanghai, China

The overturning design concept of on-site installation highlighted the self-consciousness in young fashion torrent, the millenniums kept edgy fashion style while maintaining individuality. The art piece comes from Futura, who had collaborations with fashion brands like Supreme, Undercover, Nike etc - he also designed the new logo with a handwriting typeface which embodies the street spirit of YOHO! and delivers an exuberant vigor with each stroke.

Besides demonstrating brand new fashion styles with eye-catching fashion shows, YOHO! Group also released a fashion Big Data insight report to show their in-depth understanding of the Chinese fashion industry. The unprecedented event brought together Futura, the leading American graffiti artist and Pharrell Williams, American style icon and global renowned singer to talk about their fashion statement. Futura shared his unique understanding of youth culture. Futura and Pharrell Williams went to NIGO ® & Friends section to have face-to-face communication with the audience, causing waves of screaming from ecstatic fans.

Futura said during an interview, "I'm not so sure at the beginning of graffi, but I just insisted until more and more people come in and now there's graffi futurism. (Style), It's all about believing in what you doing. You don't know what will happen, it's the most interesting part.".

Apart from the exhibition, YOHO! Group has also invited a group of pop musicians and crossover artists to light up the passion of Hip-pop fashion fans. National household pop music icons like Chris Lee, May Day, JJ Lin and Jolin Tsai devoted soaring performance on main stage. May Day announced that their award-winning song "Almost Famous" will be YOHO! Group theme song, igniting the fans.

During the Carnival, YOHO! revealed its strategic business upgrade. This year, BLK will introduce top-notch brands to China like Marni, Undercover, Rick Owens etc. as a high-end retailing platform and YOHO! is also trying to help young individual brands to grow. They will also establish the very first O2O fashion center in Nanjing this September.

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