Youku Launches Youku Originals - Internet Video Content Tailored to Chinese Internet Users' Tastes
2010-04-20 18:25 986

BEIJING, April 20 /PRNewswire-Asia/ --, China's leading online video site, today announced the official launch of Youku Originals, the company's own brand of self-produced online video content.

At the press conference launching Youku Originals, Youku signed a strategic partnership memorandum with China Film Group Corporation. Youku and China Film Group will cooperate on screenplay development, production, and joint distribution. For the first stage, the two companies will work together on 10 short films with a total investment exceeding 10 million RMB. On the completion of those films, all 10 will be edited together into a longer film to be screened simultaneously in theaters and online.

Production of the 10 short films will begin in May. Many first-rate Chinese directors have expressed enthusiasm about participating in producing work for this new media. Feng Xiaogang and Ning Hao, two of China's best-known directors, will join as guest producers.

Youku Originals is Youku's strategic emphasis for 2010. Youku will produce, distribute and monetize quality online video content.

Youku Senior Vice President Wei Ming related the origins of the idea to launch Youku Originals. He noted that creating original productions is a natural extension that takes full advantage of the Internet video value chain that Youku has built. "Youku Originals will extend online video media's value chain from the low end to the high end, and will create a new chapter for cross-media cooperation."

Wei emphasized that the demands of traditional video viewers and online video viewers differ, and that as China's leading Internet video platform, Youku is well positioned to understand the tastes of Chinese Internet video viewers.

Meanwhile, Youku Originals will work with Beijing Dongwang Culture and Development Co., Ltd., to produce multiple Web dramas highlighting new media's difference from traditional media.

Youku Originals will also partner with Jiangsu Satellite TV to produce entertainment content. Jiangsu Satellite TV's variety shows such as Feichang Wurao and Juedui Changxiang are very popular in China.

Wei Ming described the previous three years as having been a "raw resources" period for the online video industry. Over the years, both users and industry players have been moving up a learning curve. Users have begun to establish habits, while platforms have improved the quality of self-generated content, and educated advertisers on the value of online video in the marketing media mix.

Web serials are one type of content that has risen to prominence. Youku has promoted successful web serials such as Hip Hop Office Quartet and Natural Born Jock, both milestones in the industry. Taking notice of the growing popularity of web serials, successful directors are turning to web production with enthusiasm. Jin Yimeng, who directed the 2009 Zhang Ziyi vehicle Sophie's Revenge, this year directed the web serial All Crazy about Love for Youku.

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