AI Trackbot: Next Generation Autonomous Furniture Adaptation Technology Developed by iFutureLab

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PALOALTO, Calif., Feb. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Many people must have noticed antagonist Yashida's fascinating mattress in the movie The Wolverine II. Yashida uses his willpower to control his mattress, allowing it to make postural changes for himself. iFutureLab based in Silicon Valley recently announced that it will release the next generation AI Trackbot, which can autonomously recognize and conform to individual body shapes and postures in real time to offer the best support and comfort.

iFutureLab executives said that the autonomous adaptation functionality of Trackbot is driven by artificial intelligence (AI), and the technology has recently entered into mass production. iFutureLab plans to apply this innovative technology to furniture, with mattresses as the initial focus. Despite sleep occupying one-third of a human's life, the technological progress of traditional mattresses has remained virtually stagnant over the past century.

Traditional mattresses still fail to provide suitable support for the best sleep experience.

According to research by the iFutureLab Sleep Medicine Center (SMC), improper sleep support over the long-term can affect multiple health systems such as the skeletal, muscular, and circulatory systems. Over 90% of sleep problems are related to improper sleep support.

According to a recent report by the UN DESA, the world population has reached about 7.5 billion, who as a whole require approximately 160 million different variations of sleep support. Modern medical research indicates that people of varying ages, heights, weights and body shapes have different sleep support requirements. In addition, variable health conditions and sleep preferences will affect one's quality of sleep. Further, as people toss and turn throughout the night, sometimes in excess of ten times, the support required for each position will be different. All of these factors have created a major challenge for traditional mattresses to meet the various changing support requirements.

AI Trackbot Data Processing System
AI Trackbot Data Processing System

Compared with traditional mattresses, like innerspring, foam and latex mattresses, air beds and electric beds, the major advantages of an AI mattress with Trackbot include autonomous recognition of individual body shape and sleep position, autonomous adjustment to optimal sleep support for each part of the body based on medical data, and autonomous adjustment of height and firmness for changing positions. These functions ensure that the sleeping body remains in the most optimal position all night long.

iFutureLab SMC has endeavored to bring AI Trackbot to the furniture industry, enabling furniture to conform to people autonomously to promote optimum comfort and health. This breakthrough is expected to bring revolutionary technological innovations to the mattress industry, significantly impacting the furniture industry and restructuring the industry value chain.

"I believe more and more people will benefit from this new technology through getting a quality night's sleep, which is a gift for humanity from iFutureLab," said Kent Scott, Chief Engineer of iFutureLab's AI Trackbot Section. "At the same time, we expect to see a wider range applications of AI Trackbot across the furniture industry, leading to more smart furniture and a more comfortable life for everyone."

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