HEKA Launches the World's First AI Mattress Which Can Improve Sleep Quality Through Autonomously Adapting to Individual Body Shapes and Postures in Real Time

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DOVER, Del., March 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Delaware-based company HEKA has released the world's first AI mattress, HEKA AI Mattress, which brings to life the fantasy of furniture adapting to body movement depicted in sci-fi movies. The mattress can autonomously recognize and adapt itself to individual body shapes and postures in real time to offer the best support and comfort.

HEKA has released the world’s first AI mattress
HEKA has released the world’s first AI mattress

The HEKA AI Mattress, which features the autonomous adaptation module AI TRACKBOT, has the ability to collect body pressure distribution data in real time, independently recognize body shapes and sleep positions, and calculate the optimal pressure distribution for sleep positions based on Sleep Medicine databases. The mattress will then make autonomous adjustments in mattress height and firmness for changing sleeping positions. Such functions ensure that the body stays properly aligned and properly supported during sleep.

According to statistics on 362 HEKA early adopters from the medical institution, the average number of times tossing and turning throughout the night has decreased from 30 to 12, and average deep sleep has increased by more than 50%. Moreover, 25 users with pain in the lumbar and cervical spine regions of the body realized effective pain relief after using the HEKA AI Mattress for a consistent period of time.

As a company providing high-end customized furniture for its members, HEKA aims to bring greater mattress and sleep quality to users through the application of AI technologies.

Rogan Smith, CMO of HEKA, revealed, "The purpose of the AI TRACKBOT mattress project is to optimize healthy sleep and offer a luxury sleep experience to our members. Many HEKA members suffer from sleep problems including insomnia, frequent sleep disturbances, tossing and turning, obstructive sleep apnea, lack of deep sleep, and morning aches and pains. And sleep problems have a huge effect on the health of people around America, leading to weakened immune systems and a slew of chronic health problems."

"The reason why we chose the AI TRACKBOT is that our research unveiled improper support is the major factor resulting in a poor night's sleep. AI TRACKBOT can recognize and adapt to individual body shapes and postures autonomously, providing optimal postural support for users. We have undergone testing on a number of traditional mattresses, like innerspring, foam and latex mattresses, air and electric beds, but none of them are capable of meeting the various changing support requirements of different people. Thus, sleepers will not have access to the best support until they meet AI TRACKBOT. The AI TRACKBOT offers optimum pressure-relieving softness with autonomous comfort adjustment. In addition to the adoption of AI TRACKBOT, the HEKA AI Mattress has also been carefully constructed with superior materials and craftsmanship. The elasticity, softness, level of support, adaptability and durability have reached definitive perfection after testing more than 1,200 kinds of materials and over 1,700 different variations of craftsmanship. We hope to redefine healthy sleep by offering optimal postural support and pressure relief for sleepers' body with the aid of the AI TRACKBOT technology."

HEKA AI mattress
HEKA AI mattress

Testing out the mattress, furniture company employee Chris said excitedly, "I can feel something supporting my waist and lower back when I am lying on the HEKA AI Mattress. My neck, upper back and hips feel extremely relaxed. After rolling over on my side, the mattress recognized my posture change and adjusted itself, softening up around my shoulders and hips, and providing good support to my flank. I feel my whole body is tenderly and evenly supported."

Vincent, another HEKA AI Mattress experiencer, reflected, "It's amazing when I lie on the mattress and close my eyes. I can feel something moving with my body slowly and I feel more relaxed. It's amazing and this HEKA AI Mattress offers much more comfort than any other mattress I've ever slept on. I would recommend the HEKA AI mattress to everyone!"

Jenny, also testing out the mattress, said, "I just input the sleep preference in the APP with my shoulder periarthritis information before laying on the bed, and I definitely felt a decrease in pressure on my shoulders throughout different sleeping positions. This technology will definitely improve my shoulder and overall health."

HEKA AI Mattress's revolutionary breakthrough in functionality and sleep experience is mainly attributed to the AI TRACKBOT. The AI TRACKBOT was developed by iFutureLab, an institution mainly engaged in the research and development of AI Medical Treatments, Intelligent IoT, Sleep Medicine and Precision Sensing Systems, and it is HEKA who apply this technology to the mattress industry cooperating with iFutureLab.

Rogan shared his thoughts on the future furniture and mattress, "HEKA insists that all furniture, including mattresses, should be people-focused to offer ultimate health and comfort. The best furniture should be those that can autonomously adapt to people in consideration of the individual variation of different people's body characters. Hence, HEKA has actively worked to collaborate with tech companies and hopes to use new technologies to create more innovative products to make people's lives smarter and more comfortable. The AI TRACKBOT enables the mattress to get rid of the combination of traditional materials and adapt to the human body autonomously and, which allows HEKA to offer ultimate sleep experience for our members. In the near future, HEKA will provide our hotel partners with customized sleep experience service. Users can log in HEKA AI Mattress's ID to synchronize sleep data and sleep preferences in different hotels using the HEKA AI mattresses to make them feel at home in every hotel."

The limited edition priced at 280,000 USD has already received orders from members of royal families, founders and chairmen of Fortune Global 500 and multinational companies
The limited edition priced at 280,000 USD has already received orders from members of royal families, founders and chairmen of Fortune Global 500 and multinational companies

Smith continued, "As a high-end customized furniture company focusing on product development and innovation, HEKA is happy to see the AI mattress achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. We have begun HEKA's global pre-order campaign, with prices ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 USD. The limited edition priced at 280,000 USD has already received orders from members of royal families, founders and chairmen of Fortune Global 500 and multinational companies. We have full confidence in the performance of the high-end mattress market in the United States, the Middle East and emerging markets across Asia. We have also cooperated with many key clients."

A statistical report from ISPA shows that intelligent mattresses has occupied roughly 30% of the US mattress market share in recent years, and high-quality mattresses are in increasingly greater demand and achieving sustained growth. According to a new report from the research firm Sarivin, the US mattress market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 6.4%, while the Chinese market is growing at an impressive 17%.

HEKA will also feature its latest HEKA AI Mattress at the High Point Market in mid-April 2018. HEKA will continue to provide high-end customized furniture for its members and cooperate with top retailers to further penetrate the market. At its launch event last week, HEKA signed and announced a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with iFutureLab Sleep Medicine Center (SMC), becoming a global marketing partner for the AI TRACKBOT project. iFutureLab SMC will provide sustained technical support to HEKA in the following cooperation.

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