ALLPCB 17th Anniversary of Gratitude Day Completes Successfully, the Journey Ahead Filled with Gratefulness and Passion

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HANGZHOU, China, June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- June 12, the ALLPCB staffs across China gathered together in Hangzhou, to celebrate its 17th Anniversary of Gratitude Day, whose theme is "Ordinary Makes Extraordinary".

ALLPCB is formerly known as Weiku, an electronic procurement website, which was on June 12, 2003 initially established. Weiku is the solid foundation for ALLPCB, thus, the day is regarded as its unique Gratitude Day.

It reminds everyone always to be grateful and treat everything with concentrated attention.
Mr. Zhou Bangbing, ALLPCB CEO states: "Whom we thank for?"
"Thank our customers, for their continuous support and trust.
Thank every staff in ALLPCB, for their constant passion and responsibility.
Thank ourselves, for our unremitting effort and persistence!"

At the beginning of anniversary, a sand painting performance made staffs visibly moved. The performance melted the bits and pieces of their normal work into the throwing and drawing of sand, taking us viewing every extraordinary moment of the ALLPCB.

ALLPCB is committed to building a giant manufacturing platform to support the transformation and upgrade of Chinese traditional manufacturing industry. On the way to create a collaborative manufacturing service ecosystem for electronic information industry, many like-minded people give their absolute best and work hard. Mr. Zhou said, "Thanks for your accompany along the tough way, those days of fighting together become more precious."

With their extraordinary perseverance and enthusiasm, ALLPCB staffs has completed extraordinary achievements in seemingly ordinary positions.

At this anniversary, 20 staffs were awarded after "ALLPCB Touching Person of Year 2020", choosing from more than 600 persons.

Moving originates from ordinary, as well as brings up extraordinary. Staffs of ALLPCB keep glowing on their respective positions and breaking conventions with their hard work again and again.

No matter focusing PCB prototypes or offering "24 Hours Delivery+No Extra Charge for Urgency", ALLPCB is always breaking and rebuilding so-called rules.

IOCT Wuji System is the solid foundation for all the innovations and pioneering work, which associates self operating as well as collaborative factories. works as an flexible platform where it receives orders and cooperates with the upstream and downstream factories respectively. It becomes the order center and the collaborative center. Under an effective system collaboration, the rigid factory will be more productive. Labors become more diversified and professional. A factory can focus on one process, such as the production of screw caps.

The way to industrial internet is arduous and long. With the efforts of all, the future of ALLPCB is worthy of the wait.


ALLPCB is an ultra-fast PCB super factory as well as an Internet-based manufacturing company, committed to building an electronic collaborative manufacturing service platform. It offers professional one-stop service, including PCB prototype, PCB Assembly and components sourcing. Since founding, ALLPCB has reconstructed the traditional PCB industry by data-driven technology.

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