ALLPCB has fully resumed production, the green channel for epidemic prevention remaining open

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HANGZHOU, China, March 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On February 18, 2020, Hangzhou headquarters and SMT factory of ALLPCB have officially resumed full operation. In addition, ALLPCB PCB factory in Anhui province, Jieyuan electronic technology co., ltd. has been approved by local government on February 10 to resume production, becoming one of the first batch enterprises in Guangde city, which has been in operation for an entire week now.

Since the outbreak of the nCoV-19, it is very important for the battle of anti-epidemic to ensure the production of key epidemic materials. In particular, medical supplies, such as hospital ventilator, handheld thermometer and patient bracelet label printer, which are all inseparable from PCB.

In the face of the severe war, nCoV-19, ALLPCB actively fulfills the social responsibility of enterprises to undertake the production of relevant anti-epidemic materials and coordinate the resources of all parties in advance. In the race against disease, time is life.

After getting the resumption permission from the local government on February 10th, under the premise of strictly implementing the policies on epidemic prevention and control, ALLPCB immediately organized personnel to carry out production, meanwhile opened the green channel for the production of anti-epidemic orders.

For the anti-epidemic orders, ALLPCB coordinated and optimized suppliers, production line, logistics and other resources, responded rapidly, produced with full capacity, and completed delivery as soon as possible, to support the fight against the epidemic, to help Wuhan.

Up to now, ALLPCB has received more than ten letters of production assistance from manufacturers of anti-epidemic materials, including letters from Shanghai public health clinical center, the third research institute of China aerospace science and industry corporation, etc.

Materials to assist in production contain PCB used in disinfection machines needed by the affiliated hospital of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, PCB applied in nucleic acid isolation machine of nucleic acid detection kit, PCB used for 360 suspension molecule disinfection machine, PCB and SMT needed for the ultraviolet LED sterilizing lamp, etc.

In total, ALLPCB has assisted in production of nearly 1500 pieces of PCB and 3700 sets of PCBA for the above medical materials.

During this period, ALLPCB has implemented the epidemic prevention and control policies strictly in accordance with the government's requirements.

Under the severe epidemic situation, enterprises must complete a series of epidemic prevention deployment before resumption, store enough epidemic prevention materials, and strengthen publicity and guidance to form the strong self-protection atmosphere.

With departments as the unit, ALLPCB implements the "Department Responsibility System". The directors of each department must double check the health of the staff in the department. Employees are required to feedback health situation every day when at home. They must submit resumption applications before returning to work and would be quarantined for 14 days after returning. At the same time, comprehensive disinfection will be implemented regularly in ALLPCB headquarter and the factories every day. And employees must have meals in different areas in batches and be sure to change a surgical mask every 4 hours…

It's expected that everyone can do his best, stay healthy, work harder and overcome the difficulties together! Spring is at hand!


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