APICloud launches low-code dev platform, leading the revolution of IT efficiency

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BEIJING, May 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The emergence of cloud native has led to the transformation of traditional IT models into cloud architecture and cloud development, especially in the process of Internetization and digitization of enterprise business, and has brought about the rigid demand of "agile development" and "fast iteration". Talking about bimodal IT, how to create the IT team and model for the innovative business, and better meet the huge and fragmented IT needs initiated by the business department, has become a huge challenge for many CIOs and CTOs. In the complex supply and demand environments, low-code development platforms are rapidly emerging and becoming widely accepted.

Efficiency has always been an important benchmark for business productivity. In the post-digital age, whether an enterprise is able to break through the traditional efficiency boundary may determine its survival. Different from before when demands were initiated by the IT department, in the age of the Internet and cloud, demand is usually initiated by the business department while the IT department only provides the technology and services. This is how things work in the fast pace of the Internet age. The transfer of initiative makes the low-code development platform a powerful tool to push through the limits of efficiency and bring enterprise IT productivity to a whole new level.

Themed "Revolution in Efficiency", APICloud's new product press conference was held in Beijing on May 23. With the launch of the low-code development platform, APICloud strives to further empower IT productivity in the business service industry and open a new chapter in the low-code era.

In the press conference, Sean Liu, Founder & CEO of APICloud, introduced the concept of low code, "A low code development platform is a tool that can quickly generate an application without coding or with a small amount of code. It can reduce the labor cost of application development and shorten the development time by 2-3 times, thus helping enterprises realize the value of cost reduction and efficiency increase." The implementation of low code development platform for building enterprise-grade applications is becoming a trend for enterprises to increase IT productivity. Through years of technological innovation and data accumulation, APICloud has launched its low-code development platform - PlusMode.

According to Sean Liu, PlusMode is based on visualized interfaces and drag-and-drop operations, covering the work process from requirement analysis, prototyping, UI design to frontend and backend development. With "increasing human efficiency" being the core idea, PlusMode provides a rich industry database and enables enterprises to rapidly implement their IT projects.

Prototyping, UI design and the development process are correlated processes of an IT project. PlusMode provides the tools for each process of a project and increases work efficiency by 30% to 60% for each process with the use of big data and resources reuse. For projects that are already in operation and to be updated, PlusMode can produce the APIs for the new functions, which can be easily integrated to the existing project. By using PlusMode, enterprises are able to quickly establish a highly collaborative IT team.

The core database of PlusMode comes from years of accumulation and is categorized by functions and scenarios for easy use. Users can access the industry database and the productivity tool from a public cloud. The database currently covers 11 industries and 63 function categories and will be updated continuously.

Today's enterprise IT construction is constantly moving toward mobility, modularization, standardization, and visualization. The Low-code platform provides a new universal solution while improving human efficiency. APICloud will continue to explore in fields of industry data, technological innovation and efficiency tools, and strives to further increase work efficiency for the Internet industry.

About APICloud

APICloud is a low code development platform, aiming to help enterprises achieve agile development and launch their products in a rapid manner. APICloud's wide product lines provide services for the entire project lifecycle from requirement analysis, prototyping, project management, app development, operations to analytics. Founded in Beijing, China, APICloud has now accumulated over 800,000 registered uses from more than 10 countries all over the globe. APICloud, making it one of the most mature developer ecosystems in China. With innovative development technologies and business models, APICloud has been named Cool Vendor in China by Gartner, the world's most authoritative IT research and consulting firm, and has become the recommended choice for global corporate customers when deploying mobile strategies.

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