CIFTIS 2019 will be held in Shougang Park under the theme of 'Winter Olympics and Urban Development'

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BEIJING, May 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2019 China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services (hereinafter refer to CIFTIS), hosted by IDG China, will take place in Beijing from May 28 - June 1. This year, the layout of the exhibition adopts a new form, a central venue with several branches. Under the theme of 'Winter Olympics and Urban Development' Shougang Park, as one of CIFTIS branches, will host a series of special activities about culture, sports, and the Winter Olympic Games.

The Western Branch Fair Forum Shapes Sport Plus Industry

CITFIS Shougang Park Branch Fair Forum has set topic forums, exhibitions, and special activities. The event will be operated in the form of 'main forum plus parallel forum', and there will be three forums, including the Main Forum and Winter Olympic Games as well as Urban Development Forum, 2022 Winter Olympics and Zhongguancun Technology Service Forum, and Dream Incubator of Overseas Chinese Beijing Forum.

The Main Forum and Winter Olympic Games as well as Urban Development Forum will be held on May 30 in a transparent building beside No.3 Blast Furnace in Winter Olympics Plaza. Heads of government, leaders of European and American consulates in China, leaders of international professional bodies, senior executives in leading enterprises, experts and scholars at home and abroad, investment organizations, domestic and foreign media, distributors, and other staff in the industry chain will be invited and exchange views about the future development of the ice and ski industry. On the same day, 2022 Winter Olympics and Zhongguancun Technology Service Forum will organize project promotions and signing activities about the application of several cutting-edge technology, including AR, VR, 5G and 8K resolution technology, and artificial intelligence, so as to secure Winter Olympic Games with new technology and products of Zhongguancun Science Park. Dream Incubator of Overseas Chinese Beijing Forum will be held on May 29, themed 'gathering in Beijing, pursuing mutual development'. The forum will focus on Beijing and its role of being the center of technological innovation and international exchanges, and will also build on such ties of overseas Chinese. Additionally, sub-forum will be held under the theme of 'International Talents Services and Technological Innovation', 'Sharing about Innovation Experience of Overseas Chinese'.

The main exhibition hall will be located in Shougang North Park. The design takes No.3 blast furnace as a background, and above ground and underground exhibition halls as the center, creating a three-dimensional space. The exhibition was formed in the way that integrates motion and stillness. Comprehensive exhibitions of ice and ski sports will mainly show urban development, and implements major project promotions, which provides quality services and displays platform for ice and ski sport organizations, associations, and enterprises at home and abroad. Shougang industry site presents its achievement in reusing, which perfectly connects with the ice and ski industry. Moreover, the exhibition shows that a new development idea leads to industrial restructuring and reconstruction of urban function. Winter Olympic Culture Exhibition presents the progress of XXIV Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, telling the 'story of Winter Olympic Games', which shows the idea of organizing Olympic Games and also spread Olympic spirit.

During CIFTIS, Shougang Park Branch Fair Forum will organize several special events, including industrial docking, smart products shows, and official Olympic merchandise shelving. Gathering a great amount of quality resources, the industrial docking events will provide enterprises with worldwide opportunities and promote industrial cooperation and project signing, so as to integrate Sport Plus industries, including Sport Plus Culture, Sport Plus Finance, and Sport Plus Tour. Meanwhile, various departments, including Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau, General Administration of Customs People's Republic of China (GACC), New Shougang Office, and Shijingshan District Goverment, pursue well-coordinated implementation of Shougang Park Service Sector Expanding and Opening-up Policy on the ground. Also, during CIFTIS, departments will release several policies, involving high street district of brand first store, first launch center of international new products, new business models of Exhibition and Trading Center, and foreign capital culture and sport organization gathering.

The renovation of old factory forming the camp of Winter Olympic Games

It is reported that Shougang Park, the branch fair of CIFTIS, was evolved from the original Shougang Industrial Park. After the old park was out of service, it became a new high-end comprehensive service area.

After fully advancing the preparation of XXIV Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, Shijingshan Park continues to deploy further work of the event. Plans of Shijingshan District service accelerates ice and ski sport development of Winter Olympic Games Shijingshan District, implementing ten ice and ski projects, including the housing and build environment of Organizing Committee for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games, the community of Winter Olympics, and international exchanges about ice and ski sport in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region.

Over the last year, major projects of Winter Olympics Plaza in new Shougang area have almost been completed, and the restructuring will be finished in 2020. At that time, Winter Olympics Plaza will become a test area of cross field industry which integrates experiential consumption, sports and leisure, and industrial culture, which will provide perfect service for XXIV Winter Olympics.

Currently, the office of Organizing Committee for Winter Olympics is in service, and the winter training center of General Administration of Sport of China has been put into use since June of last year. Rebuilt from an old factory, the building will serve as the winter Olympics training venue for curling and ice hockey. Later, the training center will open to the public as social amenity, to help popularize ice-sports.

Additionally, as the only venue for snow projects of XXIV Winter Olympics, the ski jump will be completed by the end of 2019. The construction will be the only competition venue of XXIV Winter Olympics in downtown Beijing, and it is the first jump that will be reserved and used permanently.

Seize the opportunity of Winter Olympics and promote regional opening-up

XXIV Winter Olympics will be held in Shougang North Park Shijingshan District, which contributes to the development of the surrounding region. Not only will the layout of Shougang sport industry be changed, but also the future development will be clearer.

Shougang Park was revitalized by the settling of Organizing Committee for Winter Olympics, which rapidly transforms Shougang from manufacturing into service industry. This build a solid foundation of a quality transformation of Shougang region. As the former largest industrial park in the west of Beijing, Shougang District is reshaping, which is regarded as a model of recycling and a landmark of city planning. A series of international conferences and events, various national level meeting and competition will be organized in Shougang District. Also, pilot projects of high-end service industry will be launched, involving a range of modern finance, business service, high-tech, cultural creativity, and Sports Plus. A large number of amenities have been done, which leads to re-employment of thousands of workers in former Shougang district.

Meanwhile, Shijingshan district reaches a leapfrog development, relying on the opportunities brought by Winter Olympics. For one thing, Winter Olympics gives Shijingshan district an international vision and ambition of opening-up, which encourages the exchanges of both international and national talents, and also promotes further development. For another, services for Winter Olympics have almost been completed, which contributes to the upgrading of urban infrastructures and improves the living standards of citizens.

Integrating elements of industry and Olympics, Shougang Park shows a vivid picture of urban development promotion, industrial remain revitalization, and sustainable development of old industrial park. After the Winter Olympics, Shougang Park will become the gather area of ice-sports in west Beijing, an ice camp.

In the future, Shougang district will continue to make efforts centering on the strategic goal of building a national sports industry, and strive for the special policy of sports free trade zone, so as to foster new growth drivers and form new industries. In terms of regional ecology revival, new Shougang area will closely follow the principle of constructing national forest city, rely on post-industrial landscape leisure zone and Yongding River Ecozone, so as to create an ecological pattern, and build an ecological framework of western cities.

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