Climate Change Report IPCC-UN is too Negative

2014-04-08 09:05 2022

STEENBERGEN, The Netherlands and YOKOHAMA, Japan, April 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Dutch inventor Pieter Hoff published "The Treesolution" about solving CO₂over-concentration and climate change. The interesting part of the book is that Hoff doesn't discuss whether climate change exists. He explains that that discussion distracts the attention from the real problem: the undisputable fact that CO₂ concentration in the air rises measurable.

The writer compares air with water and explains that no one would allow to pollute water like we allow to pollute air. The IPCC workgroup published last week that governments need urgently to address the problem of the otherwise irreversible climate change. "The Treesolution" proposes a payable solution to clean this pollution for 100%.

Through photosynthesis trees disconnect CO₂to carbon and oxygen. Two billion hectares of trees is sufficient to disconnect all present and past CO₂ produced through fossil fuels. Over the last 2,000 years mankind created approximately two billion hectares of manmade deserts, so there is sufficient room to plant.

If these areas were once green, it means that they can be planted again. If the area was small enough to cut, it is certainly small enough to replant. Hoff demonstrates that we can replant for approximately 2,500 USD per hectare. The total investment to clean the air from CO₂ pollution is therefore five trillion USD. This investment is smaller than the costs of saving the bank system since 2008. Both USA and Europe spent over six trillion USD to save their banks.

Trees create rising water tables, combat erosion and produce interesting products like wood, fruit, oils, extracts, medicines, oxygen and all kinds of other products. "The Treesolution" explains that we can clean the air with a money making business model. The provocative title "Learn how to solve the CO pollution problem and create wealth" is certainly a trigger to create curiosity. Hoff asks us "why gamble with climate change if we have a solution that makes us money"?

The Treesolution:

Source: Groasis