Daily Associated news will host an exhibition of Park Soo-Bok, a notable performing artist in the world

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SEOUL, South Korea, April 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Daily Associated News will host an exhibition of Park Soo-Bok, a notable performing artist in the world, at the National Assembly Hall on April 18-19, 2019. This exhibition will be held in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Korean Independence Movement, 3.1 Movement.

The exhibition are also co-hosted by National Assemblyman Kim Sung-chan and artist Park Soo-bok, and jointly sponsored by the Haein Art Museum and Daily Union, which consults not only art communication but also art products that combine works of famous writers with product designs of companies.

Daily Associated News is currently working on the development and growth of the Korean art industry by linking to eBay auction systems in 25 countries. In this sense, it is more meaningful because the exhibition of the artist Park Soo-Bok, which is displayed at the invitation of the National Assembly, is one of the process for the development of the Korean art industry.

Park Soo-Bok has held more than 130 exhibitions abroad and in Korea, and awarded numerous times. His constant challenge to overcome difficult time and hardship in Europe and Asia shows great impression and endurance to us. The philosophy of life and the energy he puts in the canvas can simply tell us why he is receiving attention from many people. "As if a new life were born in a global village, I would like to lead to the power of the paint brush and hope that the precious lives will be united in peace and love around the world," he said.

As previous artist did, artist needs to practice the philosophy of life, which requires constant creation. The trait that always yearns for something new and tries to approach the expression of enlightenment is living and breathing is his work.

His brushwork is free and bold. Sometimes heavy and rough, soft and relaxed, and the spread of color is sharp while gentle. Various touches contain a world of their own that no one can imitate. He wants to be an artist who expresses and seek changes what he misses and shed. And much of what he needs to realize in his life and saying, "We're thirsty for passion for the realization of our lives." He speaks of the world through self-introspection, and questions a lot of what humans should think through canvas.

Painter Park Soo-Bok has a strong artistic performance that he appreciates with music in a momentary, fast sketch through inspiration. So, his name was Per-hamming Action Performance. His ability to complete works in a short period of time and shift instantaneous epiphany to the canvas is attracting media and galleries around the world.

Very soon, Park Soo-bok will be an artist from 25 countries on eBay and will prove his skills worldwide with digital exhibitions and art products. In this addition, we also expected to see new focus from art world.

Combining Oriental painting with the traditional Western painting method of filling, piling and scraping, the aesthetic of the East and West is capturing on one canvas, and he has earned a reputation in Europe as a prominent artist.

His work is drawn in a single motion, so it cannot be modified. The question of "How is this painting suitable for Western painting?" But people have to admit that when they look at the work of artist Park Soo-Bok.

Artist Park Soo-Bok is expected to be a new recognition of many of the problems that this era has forgotten and missed, and to be remembered as a pioneer in the flow of art and art field around the world, with many traces of the Per-hamming action performance.

He was invited to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the March 1st Independence Movement in Korea, he has a plan to have invitation art exhibit in April 18th to 19th in Korea National Assembly building on the 2nd floor to honor our ancestor's love of our own nation, their dream of wellness and world peace by inviting Japan, United States of America and Korea's artist.

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