Discover Himalayas Opens with a Splash at Chengdu IFS

Exhibition Showcases Tibetan Contemporary Art with a Global Perspective
Chengdu IFS
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CHENGDU, China, April 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Discover Himalayas, the largest exhibition ever on Tibetan contemporary art in China, held its grand opening today at the city's landmark Chengdu International Financial Square (Chengdu IFS). The exhibition jointly curated by Chengdu IFS and Tihho Art showcases close to 30 art works from 17 contemporary artists. The 17-day exhibition, held at Chegndu IFS L1 Antiquity Plaza and L7 Art Gallery, is open free of charge to the public until May 5th, 2019.

Mr. Han Fangming, Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPPCC National Committee; Mr. Gang Qing, Head of Tibet's Cultural Department; Ms. Lin Tong, Director of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Division of Sichuan Culture and Tourism Bureau; Mr. Hu Jianhua, Deputy Inspector of Chengdu Culture, Broadcast Television, and Tourism Bureau; Mr. Zhu Bo, Deputy District Head of Chengdu Jinjiang District; Mr. Fang Kun, the Co-founder of Tihho Art, Councilor of the Tibet Cultural Protection and Development Association, and artists from home and abroad attended the opening ceremony. The exhibition offers public the opportunity to discover the Himalayas, and experience Tibet like never before.

Chengdu IFS has been dedicated to presenting a diversified art scene with an international perspective since 2014. As Ms. Christina Hau, Wharf China Estates Limited Assistant Director and General Manager (Retail Leasing & Operations), said: "Discover Himalayas is not simply an art exhibition, rather it conveys the history and today of Tibet and represents a new voice from the ancient oriental civilization to the world. Given our position and influence in international culture, we intend to present the allure of Tibetan contemporary art, its splendid and diverse ethnic cultures, to visitors from far and wide. We firmly believe the culture of a nation is also the culture of the world, part of Chengdu IFS mission and our commitment is to promote artistic diversity."

The exhibition is divided into two parts. At Chengdu IFS L1 Antiquity Plaza, a pop-up art gallery has been set up for just 17 days, creating an art-filled oasis amid the bustling chaos of the city. Inspired by the five spiritual forces of Tibet – namely, earth, water, fire, wind and space – the exhibition curates a one-stop experience through a variety of diverse art genres. Masterpieces from 10 artists constitute a feast for the senses, taking the viewer on a voyage, an exploration of iconic Himalayan scenes that includes paintings, installations, photographs, and videos.

Inside View of Discover Himalayas Pop-up Art Gallery
Inside View of Discover Himalayas Pop-up Art Gallery

The Italian artist Leonardo Ulian, who made a name for himself with his Technological Mandala series of artworks, crafted a massive installation for the exhibition, paying tribute to the culture and wisdom of Himalayan. World renowned Tibetan artists Gonkar Gyatso and Gade have bridged tradition and modernity with paintings of real imagination and creativity. Adding to the ensemble are photographs and video exhibits from Damdul, Shen Yunyao and Liang Chunning, which will no doubt reshape perceptions of Tibet.

Chengdu IFS L7 Art Gallery whisked visitors off to a tranquil world. Key figures on Tibetan contemporary art scene such as Pei Zhuangxin collaborated with celebrated Tibetan artists Wang Qian, Tsering Namgyal, Dechen, Tsering Nyandak, Wu Yao; and upcoming artists like Mi Qiaoming, Huang Wei, Hou Xiaohui, Sonam Tsering and Gandig, together painting a panoramic view of Tibet's cultural development with their works.

Visitors not only have the opportunity to appreciate Tibetan contemporary art, they can also place orders, with the help of on-site professional art consultants. The nearby gift shop also offers distinctive Tibetan cultural products.

Discover Himalayas is jointly curated by Chengdu IFS and Tihho Art. As the title implies, the exhibition is a journey to demystify and embrace Tibetan contemporary culture. Exhibition visitors will take on the role of explorers, trekking through the pristine mountains and waters of the Himalayas in landscapes that combine ancient wisdom with a spirit of modernism, to discover a Tibet that is beyond their imagination.

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About Chengdu IFS

Chengdu IFS (Chengdu International Finance Square) is located in the central business district of Hongxing Road, a prime location in Chengdu, where the city's two most prosperous main roads (Hongxing Road and Dacisi Road) intersect. It is an urban complex with a total construction area of over 760,000 square-meters, including a 210,000 square-meter flagship shopping center, a 291,000 square-meter Grade A office building, the Niccolo with 230 guest rooms, and the IFS Residences - upscale serviced residences covering 76,000 square-meters. Chengdu IFS, due to its global leading architectural design, won the VIVA Design & Development award presented by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) in 2016, thus ranking Chengdu IFS as one of the first Chinese commercial real estate projects with a top global honor.

The Chengdu IFS flagship shopping centre contains over 600 brands, more than 100 of which are appearing in Chengdu or Southwest China for the first time. As the most upscale and international one-stop shopping center in Western China, Chengdu IFS gathers numerous international top fashion brands, jewelry & watch shops, fashion and garment brands, children's clothing and supplies, a Lane Crawford Department Store, the Ice & Joy skating rink, the UA IMAX movie theater, and moreover, features numerous restaurants and a Global Food Court, offering consumers an international and diversified experience without needing to leave the city. Chengdu IFS will always adhere to the Innovative - Fabulous - Sharing concept, and continue to inject new vigor into the city.

About Tihho Art

Tihho, or Tibetan Minshi Communications Limited, is a treasured cultural brand in China's Tibetan Autonomous Region. The company showcases Tibetan culture, and is a prominent member of the Tibetan Cultural Industry Association. Since 2014, we have been dedicated to promoting Himalayan culture and art by closely collaborating with some of the world's best contemporary artists.

Working with the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee, CPC Party Committee in Tibet, and local government, Tihho has held numerous exhibitions that have promoted Tibetan art across the globe. The company is the proud owner of Tibet's first international exhibition brand, "Manifestations of Buddha."In cooperation with the Tibetan Cultural Office, we have curated events such as, "Windows of Tibetan Culture," in Shanghai and Shenzhen, in addition to developing cultural products that contribute to the development of Tibet's artistic resources.

Tihho also took part in co-founding the region's first cultural fund, the "Tibet Songhe Tihho Cultural Industry Investment Fund."Our joint project with Peking University, "Peking University Startup Training Camp Lhasa Base," is fast becoming the region's top incubator.

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