eEver and Etron Launch EJ515 USB Video Capture and Human Interface Device Solution and a High Degree of Integration for USB PD 3.0 Control IC-EJ899 at CES 2018

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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- eEver Technology, Inc. and Etron Technology, Inc. (TPEx: 5351.TW) together launch "EJ515 USB Video Capture and Human Interface Device (HID) Solution" and "USB PD 3.0 control IC-EJ899". Visitors are welcomed to experience these innovative solutions and meet eEver and Etron Team at CES 2018. 

EJ515 USB Video Capture and HID Solution

Cellphone games are no longer limited to small screens nowadays, people can also enjoy the games via other devices. Therefore, more and more people would use tablets, laptops and TVs to play these games. "EJ515 USB Video Capture and HID Solution" launched by eEver and Etron helps minimize the IC volume of devices, it also allows users to enjoy the cellphone games on computer with simple and easy operations. Moreover, users can switch between high definition and lower bandwidth modes to meet different needs, providing the most comfortable and convenient way to enjoy the smartphone games.

Noticing the limited size of smartphone screens, the "EJ515 USB Video Capture and HID Solution" offers an excellent experience of playing smartphone games via various devices. Implementing a plug-and-play system makes it easy-to-use as no extra installation processes are required. The solution provides high definition, stereo sound and full HD (1080p) with 60 fps for excellent smoothness while acting as a bridge between smartphone content and laptops without consuming CPU load. The solution fully supports standard HID interface for a keyboard and mouse sharing function, which allows users to control their smartphones from their laptops. With the trend of using laptops as a platform for eSports continues to grow, people not only have fun during the competition, but also enjoy the new era of cellphone games.

Most solutions make use of mirroring software to transmit the smartphones content to other devices, however the clarity and performance of the device will be significantly affected. The "EJ515 USB Video Capture and HID Solution" has made some improvements on the issues above. It is compatible with USB 3.1 and USB 2.0, and the solution also supports SPI, I2C, UART, GPIO. The solution acts as a converter to change different input signals to output signals depending on the users' needs. This enables different video inputs to easily be viewed on a wide variety of displays.

USB PD 3.0 control IC-EJ899

A high degree of integration for USB PD 3.0 control IC-EJ899 gains the quick charge 3.0 certification, allowing cellphones to charge at twice the regular speed. The EJ899 not only complies with USB PD 3.0 specification of the international USB-IF Association, but also provides bi-directional power supply between providers and consumers while maintaining high power transmission and optimizing the power management mechanism. EJ899 offers the best supply voltage from 3.6V to 20V (in units of 200mV) for devices to meet maximum power transmission efficiency. The formal adoption of Quick Charge 3.0 certification can help enhance the efficiency to meet the consumers' demand.

Cellphone devices are now widely supporting Quick Charge 3.0 and it's important to advertise charger accessories that support Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology. EJ899 is an internationally certified USB Type-C PD 3.0 control IC for charger manufactures. Quick Charge 3.0 is backward compatible with charging interfaces and adapters. All interfaces and adapters which are compatible with quick charge technology can be used with Quick Charge 3.0 products to assist cellphone manufacturers in the development of new products.

The EJ899 complies with the latest USB PD 3.0 specification for power, data, video and audio transmission performance of the international USB-IF Association. Up to 100 watts of transmitted power (5 amperes through 20 volts); with EJ889 can enjoy high speed data transfer rates of 10Gbps via USB 3.1 including support for 4k high definition displays. EJ899 enables a high degree of integration to meet the needs of multiple applications while speeding up the USB Type-C interface applications.

"EJ515 USB Video Capture and HID Solution" and "USB PD 3.0 control IC-EJ899" launched by Etron and eEver will be presented at booth No. 21639, Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), South Hall 1 during CES 2018 held from January 9 to 12.

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eEver Technology, Inc. is a leading global USB Type-C solution design and product company, specializing in high speed transfer interface, power delivery, and audio/video streaming as core technologies, and in developing high performance USB-Type-C solutions. Its world-class track record of helping its clients succeed and developing USB Type-C system products enables systems providers to capitalize on this emerging and fast-growing market.

About Etron Technology, Inc

Etron Technology, Inc. (TPEx: 5351) is a world-class fabless IC design and product company specializing in application-driven memories, smart ICs and 3D heterogeneous Integration designs of multiple dices primarily adding values for product differentiation of system customers, which include CE- & IOT-DRAMs, Know-Good-Die Memories, High-Speed USB Type-C Controller Chipsets, Novel 3D Natural-Light Depth-Map Vision Sensing ICs and Platforms and the smallest and lightest Spherical 360-degree video capturing chips and subsystems.

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