Foresting HQ and Vertical Mass investment to secure 600 million potential customers, enter into full-scale commercialization

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SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 3 (Saturday), a blockchain-based social media company, Foresting HQ, said it has completed investment and strategic business deals with Vertical Mass, a big data marketing company in the United States.

Foresting HQ has completed investment and strategic business deals with Vertical Mass.
Foresting HQ has completed investment and strategic business deals with Vertical Mass.

Vertical Mass has a strong influence over big data analysis and target marketing with more than 600 million users per month. In particular, leading global companies such as Google, Sony, Procter & Gamble, Universal Pictures, Pepsi Co, Warner Bros and FOX are using Vertical Mass's big data analysis marketing services and optimized for the music, movie, sports, Marketing services.

Through this investment and strategic alliance, Foresting HQ became a major investor in Vertical Mass, and Daniel Eom of Foresting HQ became a member of Vertical Mass Board of Directors. As a result, the blockchain-based social media Foresting HQ has entered into full-fledged commercialization by acquiring a potential customer of 600 million users a month through the partnership.

As of August 2018, Facebook has a monthly average of about 2 billion users, which is about 513 billion dollars (about 578 trillion won). In the case of KakaoTalk, the average monthly number of users including domestic and overseas is 49.16 million (as of the end of March 2017). Given the nature of the social media companies, the traffic of users is the value that form the enterprise value. Therefore, it is meaningful to have a potential customer of 600 million users per month of Foresting HQ. Only 10% of the 600 million prospective customers generate traffic with a clear monthly average, which exceeds the number of users of KakaoTalk.

Mark Shedletsky, CEO of Vertical Mass, commented, "Vertical Mass is an effective way to connect very unique and valuable customers in the music, sports and entertainment industries and businesses and brands targeting those customers through big data analysis and content marketing. We are very excited about the vision of blockchain-based social media services in Foresting HQ through investment and strategic alliance agreements, we look forward to seeing the ripple effect that global data service and global social networking service meet."

"The evolved social media needs a new growth method," said Daniel, CEO of Foresting HQ, a former member of global consulting firm based in McKinsey. "Kakao Corp. have added # search functionality using the following search engine. It enables to search directly from chat rooms and share search results directly from chat rooms. Big data and social media companies, Vertical Mass and Foresting, have chosen to create synergies at a rapid pace. When we have combined the potential users of 600 million users, you will have to watch our ability to analyze big data, and the marketing techniques that have been proven in global markets," he added.

Foresting HQ, headquartered in Singapore, has successfully launched 'Foresting Tech Summit 2018' at Seoul Shilla Hotel in early June, followed by 'Foresting Hackathon 2018' at Tel Aviv in Israel at the end of July. Respectively. In addition, on August 2nd,  the company has been actively pursuing blockchain business, technology and users such as 'Talk Concert' for contents creators in Urban Source, Seoul.

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