Global "Super Brains" Gather CIEF to enlighten Innovation and Entrepreneurship -- Press Conference of 2018 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair held successfully

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GUANGZHOU, China, June 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 14, 2018, Press Conference of 2018 China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair (hereinafter referred to as CIEF) was held in Guangzhou successfully with attendees including Zhang Jianhua (Deputy Secretary General of the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality), Li Jiang (Deputy Counsel of Guangzhou Science Technology and Innovation Commission), Dai Xiaochun (member of Communist Party of China and Secretary General of Guangzhou Association for Science & Technology), Orient Zhu (Vice President of IDG China and representatives of Australian Consulate-General Guangzhou China and Consulate General of New Zealand in Guangzhou as well as media representatives.

2018 CIEF will be held in Guangzhou on June 22-24, 2018. 2018 CIEF will offer a display and exhibition area of over 21,000m2 and accommodate 20+ theme exhibition areas with 1000+ innovation projects to be displayed. Concurrently, more than 30 special events (including theme forum, roadshow contest and project matchmaking meeting, etc.) will be carried out and over 200 domestic and overseas guests in such areas as IAB (new generation technologies, artificial intelligence and biomedicine), NEM (new energy, new material), military-civilian integration and VR/AR, 20+ academicians and 100 guests from venture capital institutions will be expected to attend these activities.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship shines Guangzhou
CIEF is an important practice of Guangzhou to highlight innovation drive, promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation, actively carry through the national development strategy and try its best to realize the goal of "taking the lead in China in four respects." On the day of Press Conference, Zhang Jianhua, Deputy Secretary-General of People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality introduced general information about 2018 CIEF and Innovation China• Guangzhou. With the theme of "New momentum for innovation and entrepreneurship to lead new leap," 2018 CIEF will always stick to continue to be market-oriented, use transaction display as the means, take implementation and achievements conversion as the goal, and feature all-round service, gather domestic and international technological achievements, and essential elements for innovation and entrepreneurship such as technology, capital, talent and information, thereby building an internationalized, specialized and marketized innovation & entrepreneurship platform.

Nationwide Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week organized by National Development and Reform Commission and China Association for Science and Technology holds the warm-up event "Innovation China" with local characteristics in different cities every year. Since 2016, CIEF, as part of Innovation China, has become the landmark event of Innovation China • Guangzhou, and this year is no exception. The kickoff ceremony of CIEF and the kickoff ceremony of Innovation China • Guangzhou will be held simultaneously. During CIEF, all exhibition halls will present various types of innovation and entrepreneurship activities with unique characteristics, such as "Final of The 5th Guangzhou Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition", the First "Guangzhou Craftsman Cup" Staff Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Staff and other series of innovation and entrepreneurship events with Guangzhou characteristics. All exhibition halls will also have "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" Policy Publicity Zone where related units directly subordinated to the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality such as Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Guangzhou Science Technology and Innovation Commission, and Guangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, will provide policy consulting, question answering and other services by setting up their respective booths. It is the third year that CIEF and Innovation China• Guangzhou have been combined and organized jointly. It is believed that CIEF and Innovation China will interact with each and present more splendid activities.

Great breakthroughs in "Never-closed" CIEF
In 2015, The First China Innovation and Technology Achievement Exchange Conference was held jointly by China Association for Science and Technology and the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality. In 2016, it was officially renamed to China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair and officially approved by the state and settled in Guangzhou in 2017. In the same year, the office of the Organizing Committee of CIEF proposed the mode of "1+1+N" (i.e. a large-scale exhibition, an online achievement conversion platform and N achievement conversion bases) for the purpose of building and operating the "Online CIEF" achievement conversion platform which, to date, has included 8000+ project achievements collected in previous CIEFs with 8 achievement conversion bases established, including South China Advanced Materials Innovation Park, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center Health Industrial Science and Technology Park, Guangzhou TusPark Zhonghai, Sci-Tech Finance Service Center of Guangzhou Development District, and Guangzhou Productivity Promotion Center. According to statistics, CIEF, in the past three years, has presented over 4400 projects, and over 140 projects have been converted for implementation, with a transaction amount being approximately RMB 6.9 billion.

According to our finding, 2018 CIEF changes the previous pattern of dividing exhibition zones by geographical location and specialty. This year, 2018 CIEF will have feature exhibition zones and comprehensive exhibition zones to display various achievements by segmenting specialized areas and improve the specialized concentration of all exhibits, thus highlighting the feature of each exhibition zone. When it comes to the setting of exhibition zone, in addition to those exhibitions closely associated with global hot industries, such as AIworld artificial intelligence exhibition, intelligent health and biomedicine exhibition, new generation information technology exhibition and automotive technology innovation brand exhibition, the newly set military-civilian integration exhibition zone and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Great Bay exhibition zone is also in line with the strategic layout of current national development.

CIEF aims to help project achievements converted for implementation. With IDG's participation, a lot of domestic and international famous investment institutions, including Sequoia, Nokia Growth Partners, SAIF Partners, Qualcomm, SB China Venture Capital, HG Capital, Anrich Capital Asia Limited, Happen Capital and InnoAngel, will also send their respective representatives to attend the fair and conduct close negotiation with excellent projects. According to Orient Zhu, Vice President of IDG China, he hopes that the fair can provide investment opportunities to excellent projects while helping investors discover more excellent projects in the market.

Global "super brains" gather to enlighten innovation and entrepreneurship
The list of participants disclosed by the sponsor include many famous figures, academician representatives including Zhou Fulin, Zhong Nanshan, and Liu Renhuai, all being academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), enterprise representatives including Hugo Shong, Global Chairman of IDG Capital, He Xiaopeng, Xpeng Motors, Du Lan, Senior Vice President of iFlytek, Shen Jin, Global Vice President of Qualcomm and Managing Director of Qualcomm Ventures, representatives from foreign embassies and overseas institutions such as Royal Norwegian Embassy and EU SME Centre. In the same time, "Super brains" such as Major General Xu Guangyu, Major General Yuan Wenxian and Major General Jiang Chunliang will also attend this fair.

Moreover, 18 academicians and their teams will present the pre-production or sample objects or models of 22 significant technological achievements, and make sufficient combination of technological innovation, business and market demands by setting out the breakthrough of industrial key technologies, understanding customers' demands and solving users' pain points. For instance, Liu Yunjie, Academician of CAE, and her team presents the high-power semiconductor laser chip project which may solve such pain points of semiconductor laser industry as low cost, high efficiency and low power consumption; Liu Changxiao, Academician of CAE, and his team presents modern Chinese medicine and big health products of Baiyunshan Hutchison Whampoa which concentrate on the need for upgrade of traditional Chinese medicine industry; Tang Benzhong, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, presents AIE biotechnology which makes the breakthrough in the application of aggregation-induced emission materials in biology. In view of innovation-driven development and talent-guided innovation, these academicians and their teams turn theories into samples and turn samples into products, thereby converting scientific research achievements into new momentum with social benefit and economic benefit.

According to the sponsor, these academicians and other 200+ speakers as well as honorable guests in venture capital will participate in 30 special activities of CIEF. In such special activities concentrating on global industrial and economic development trends, participants will carry out in-depth discussion with respect to current industrial changes and technological breakthroughs. For instance, the main forum, Future Tech Summit, will focus on the latest development trends in such areas as new generation information technology, biomedicine, artificial intelligence (AI), new material, and new energy, and explore industry-university-research-government-user multilateral integration. With respect to technological industrialization and issues found in industrial development, representatives from domestic and international leading enterprises, leading roles of new industry, and capital experts will be invited to interpret latest achievements of domestic and international industrial technologies, development strategies and major innovation changes; the sub-forum Integration·Fission——Empowering the Industry with AI will focus on the following questions, i.e. how AI can empower the industry in such areas as travel, retail, healthcare and manufacturing and what kind of significant achievements have been made; what imagination space has AI development brought about in such industries; what kind of effects continuous capital investment has caused to AI. In Military-Civilian Integration Information Matchmaking and Product Promotion Meeting, participants will better learn the latest related policies of the state, Guangdong Province and Guangzhou Municipality regarding military-civilian integration projects, and find partners through on-site promotion of new technologies and new products of military-civilian integration; The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Great Bay Area Sci-Tech Finance Forum will concentrate on the development course of sci-tech finance in the Great Bay Area and possible opportunities and issues during the development, such as how to build the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Great Bay Area into a world-class finance and sci-tech center. It will also identify the entrance to development, explore Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau collaboration mode, and analyze such issues as regional integration and development of finance and science & technology.

2018 is China's 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up. Since the implementation of strategic decision-making of "Conduct the reform internally and open up to the outside world" in 1978, China's open economy has achieved significant development. In view of rapid economic development in China in the past 40 years, the tide of "innovation and entrepreneurship" has come over and innovation is found everywhere in Guangdong Province, leading to vigorous development of innovation and entrepreneurship. Guangzhou with a thousand years' reputation of being a business city is spreading more innovation seeds to South China with the help of CIEF for implementation and conversion, and evolving into a city of innovation, allowing for achievement conversion and capital layout at CIEF.


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