IDG's "Global Top Brands" pushes for new industrial pattern though overall change

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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will kick off in Las Vegas on January 8, 2019. CES has become the No. 1 consumer electronics show with its grand scale and extensive global influence and is an important window to launch and exhibit new products and new technologies of the world's major consumer electronics brands. The "2018-2019 Global Top Brands" Award Ceremony, sponsored by International Data Group (IDG), will also be held during CES. Consumer electronics brands from all around the world will be at the event to show their new digital technologies, new products, and new applications in the consumer electronics field. The "Global Top Brands" Award Ceremony held in conjunction with CES will also bring a grand technology display to consumers around the world.

"Global Top Brands" leads a direction for the emerging industry

At present, the global consumer electronics industry has entered a period of rapid transformation and its structure has undergone earth-shaking changes. Digital transformation has become the focus in the development of global consumer electronics brands. The emergence and wide application of products and technologies such as 5G technology, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, smart hardware, Internet appliances, wearable devices and virtual reality will become the orientation for industry transformation of the next-generation consumer electronics. "Embracing the Internet" and "realizing digital economy" will also be the new normal in the development of the global consumer electronics industry, forming a new pattern for the development of the digital consumer electronics.

The "Global Top Brands" Selection, initiated in 2006, has witnessed the growth of the consumer electronics industry. Award-winning brands include: Siemens, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, TCL, Haier, Changhong, Hisense, Huawei, Midea, Gree, Skyworth, Coolpad and BOE. The "Global Top Brands" Selection will also provide a platform for global consumer electronics brands to develop in-depth cooperation in technology, products, strategy and capital. The award-winning Chinese brands have demonstrated their strength in Internet innovation and technology R&D and enhancing brand recognition among global consumers, opening a direct channel for expanding the global market and establishing global influence.

The annual selection not only provides a platform for global consumer electronics brands to show themselves, but also plays a positive role in promoting the development and transformation of brands. To a certain extent, it also promotes the consumer electronics brands to devote more R&D effort and investment to the internet, big data, artificial intelligence, and digital economy.

"Global Top Brands" expands new opportunity for cooperation by setting up models

William Stofega, IDC Mobile Phones Program Director, and Markus Kick, Global Strategic Insight of GfK, will present their personal insights into "Digitalization Reshapes Brand" based on the current situation and trends of the consumer electronics industry at the award ceremony. In-depth discussions and overall analysis of issues related to the digitalization path of Chinese consumer electronics brands and the digitalization course of the whole industry in the world will be conducted among Li Zhang (Vice President of IDG China) and other guests, including Feng Zhao (Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Haier), Jonny Wang (SKYWORTH TV Business Unit Executive Vice President & Overseas Sales and Marketing Headquarter General Manger), Jun Liang (Founder of New Vision Technology (Beijing) Company, Ltd.), Shaoyong Zhang (General Manager of the TCL Multimedia Product Center), Kun Jing (Baidu Smart Living Group General Manager) and Darwin Huang (Vice General Manager of Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd.).

The 2018-2019 "Global Top Brands" Award Ceremony will, under the theme "Digitalization Reshapes Brand", aim to show the new format of the consumer electronics industry in the digital economy, enhance the core digital competitiveness of brands and promote digital innovation in this industry. IDG, in conjunction with authoritative third-party organizations and senior expert panels, will comprehensively evaluate all major brands from several important dimensions. There will be seven categories of award granted on-site, namely, Global Top 10 CE Brands, Global Smart Appliances Brands Top 10, Global Smart Phones Brands Top 15, Global Smart Connected Device Top 15, Global TV Brands Top 10, and Global Top 50 CE Brands and International Innovation Enterprise Brands Award. Major mainstream media, professional media and network media inside and outside China will be invited to provide full coverage.

With the innovation and development of internet technology, the consumer electronics industry has begun to focus on the digital economy, which takes digital reform as an important factor of production and has aroused widespread attention from global consumer electronics brands. This direction has become a new engine for enterprises' transformation and upgrading, thus achieving a new breakthrough and change in the industrial structure and business model. Brand new digital technology and intelligent products are replacing the traditional consumer electronics formats. The consumer electronics industry, characterized by digitalization and intelligence, is changing from "manufacturing" to "smart manufacturing". Consumer electronics in the Internet era is no longer a purely functional industry, but a large comprehensive, systematic and digital ecosystem. The "Global Top Brands" Selections will certainly lead and promote the future development of the global consumer electronics industry and point out a new direction for the digitalization process of brands in this industry.

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