iPARTMENT Season 5 Attracts More Than 38 Million Subscribing Members Within One Week of Exclusive Release on iQIYI

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BEIJING, Jan. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The exclusive release of the fifth season of iPARTMENT (the "Show") on the streaming platform of iQIYI, Inc. (NASDAQ: IQ) ("iQIYI" or the "Company"), an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China, was met with great success as official data by the Company indicates that the fifth season of the Show was watched by more than 38 million iQIYI subscribing members within one week of its exclusive release. Before the fifth season of the Show was aired, it broke another record by having been added by more than 5.35 million users to their "to-watch" lists. In addition, the fifth season of the Show achieved an iQIYI Content Popularity Index of 9,000 sixteen hours after its release, making it the fourth show on iQIYI to achieve an index rating that high and the first show to do so within that timeframe. The fifth season of the Show is now available to global users through the iQIYI App.

iPARTMENT Season 5 Attracts More Than 38 Million Subscribing Members Within One Week of Exclusive Release on iQIYI
iPARTMENT Season 5 Attracts More Than 38 Million Subscribing Members Within One Week of Exclusive Release on iQIYI

"The success of the fifth season of iPARTMENT demonstrates iQIYI's commitment to delivering high-quality content to satisfy the demands of its subscribing members. The new season also appealed greatly to non-subscribing viewers as we saw a spike in first-time purchases of iQIYI membership subscriptions after its release," said Yang Xianghua, President of Membership and Overseas Business Group of iQIYI. "We aim to keep up this momentum as iQIYI continues to roll out premium content to our users in 2020."

iPARTMENT is a sitcom that revolves around the daily lives of six friends in their 20s and 30s who live in neighboring apartment units in Shanghai. Released over the past ten years, the last four seasons of the Show have amused Chinese viewers in their 20s and 30s, making it a classic that captures the growth of a generation. As the final season of the Show, iPARTMENT season 5 was released to high expectations as it captures the youth of many viewers. The fourth season of the Show was aired exclusively on iQIYI in 2014 and achieved phenomenal success, with the Show becoming the most searched term on Google in China that year.

By leveraging its own technological advantages, iQIYI has developed a variety of innovative content formats for iPARTMENT's newest season. This includes interactive, portrait mode and VR content that comprehensively improves its users' viewing experience. Furthermore, iQIYI has made full use of its platform ecosystem by enabling various social interaction-based features for its users, such as iQIYI Paopao, an entertainment community for fans to follow and interact with celebrities, the star chat room and bullet subtitles. "Apartment" sets of the Show have also been opened to the public in Hangzhou Joy City and Shanghai Lujiazui Exhibition Center, to showcase iPARTMENT's VR interactive content and IP spin-off products.

Since the beginning of 2020, iQIYI has launched a number of drama series such as Detective Chinatown and iPARTMENT season 5. In the near future, more than one hundred premium drama series such as Winter Begonia, The sleuth of Ming Dynasty, Tientsin Mystic 2 will be made available to users through the iQIYI App.

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