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Kohonjin cosmetic products to make even delicate or sensitive skin moist
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SEOUL, South Korea, March 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The secret of the younger looking faces of Koreans is their healthy skin. South Korea has been in the spotlight with K-beauty in recent years. Among these, many are paying close attention to Kohonjin cosmetic products as the product with outstanding ingredients produced through fermentation science and absorbed into the skin immediately upon application.

Image provided by Kohonjin Republic
Image provided by Kohonjin Republic

Kohonjin, with the actress Min Jeong Kim as its exclusive model, launched a diversified product lineup including nutritional cream, skin essence and a mask pack. In particular, the nutritional cream is a dual functional cosmetic for improvement of wrinkles and whitening through the management of resilience and moisture of the skin. It is possible to nurture lustrous skin through continued use. The mask pack has been winning popularity among users due to its outstanding effects on skin pacification.

Since the Kohonjin cosmetic products induce active rejuvenation of skin through the process of being absorbed, it is possible to produce a younger looking and clearer face that shines delicately without any blemishes. Moreover, it provides a lifting effect by enhancing the resilience of skin in the areas with widened skin pores. Skin tone will also be thoroughly cleared up without having to exert irritating force to sensitive or dried skin due to the products' efficacy on calming dead skin cells. They are receiving extensive attention as multi-purpose cosmetics due to their outstanding efficacies depending on their respective applications.

The secret of their high popularity is in their outstanding product value achieved through increase in absorption capability. This is made possible by using low irritating extracts of fermented oriental medicinal herbs. Kohonjin cosmetics, certified by the Food and Drug Administration of Korea, is characterized by in-depth penetration of the readily absorbed nutritional ingredients in the format of atomized particles as the result of the optimal combination discovered through many years of research.

Personnel from Kohonjin Republic Co., Ltd. stated that, "Recently, popularity of Kohonjin is increasing not only in Korea but also in European countries including Swiss, Denmark and France," and that, "we shall continue to strive to manufacture healthy cosmetics for healthier skin."

Meanwhile, it is possible to easily recognize the popularity of K-beauty with Kohonjin enjoying a high level of attention as illustrated by its introduction in New York Time Square. Not only its excellent ingredients but also the classy design through the use of red colored packaging, traditionally thought to bring good fortune in Asian culture, is drawing much attention from a wide range of users.

Kohonjin Republic provides cosmetic information and customized consulting for various skin types via an official website (

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