Natural Substances Lab of Korea Develops Cosmetics with 'Kellis Factors' which Improve Genetic Acne Skin

Natural Substances Lab
2019-10-02 21:00 371

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A research institute in Korea has succeeded in developing cosmetics that can change the skin properties of people with acne skin types. Natural Substances Lab Inc. has successfully commercialized the technology through a large scale 'Cita Du Project' which continued up to the fourth round.

Before and after applying the ‘Kellis Factors’
Before and after applying the ‘Kellis Factors’

A key element of the Cita Du 1.6 Burning product launched by the Natural Substances Lab was the discovery of Kellis factors. A research found large amount of Kellis factors in the top 17% of healthy skin. However, extremely small amount of Kellis factors was found in acne skin, causing various skin problems.

'Kellis factors' is a collective term for 6 key elements that control the skin environment: linoleic acid, hyaluronic acid and tannin and three others. According to Natural Substances Lab, the lack of Kellis factors increases the number of harmful substances which causes skin problems, such as cytokines and lipases, and creates an environment for microorganisms to easily reproduce.

Natural Substances Lab announced there has been significant improvement on various skin problems, such as sebum reduction and purified pores when 'Citadu Burning', 'Kellis factors' in an ampoule form, is applied to participant's skin.

Natural Substances Lab launched the product through its brand, Demar3. There have been many publications and researches related to Kellis factors (Lipid Mediators in Acne, 2010), but this is the first case of commercialization.

"Dana Scott (32, pseudonym), a British participant of the Cita Du project has experienced a significant improvement in overall skin issues after applying ampoule type Kellis factor," said an official from Natural Substances Lab, "Demar3 is considering entering the global online market, Amazon, in response to rave reviews and launch requests from participants all over the globe".

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Source: Natural Substances Lab