New Oriental Hotel Amenities Obtains Intertek Green Leaf Mark

SHANTOU City, China, March 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently the well-known domestic hotel amenities company New Oriental Hotel Amenities Co., Ltd. ("New Oriental") obtained the Intertek Green Leaf Mark issued by the world's leading provider of quality and safety solutions, Intertek Group ("Intertek"), and became the first company that received Intertek's carbon footprint assessment on hotel amenities in China.

Environmental issues have been a worldwide focus of attention. With environmental regulations that keep evolving in different countries, product environment impact evaluation and information exchange have become trends. With over a hundred years of expertise, experience, and an international network, Intertek conducted a product carbon footprint assessment for New Oriental on its hotel amenities package series. New Oriental, as a socially responsible company, has committed itself to enhancing products' environmental value, and making efforts to facilitate friendly communications with the buyers and consumers.

"The carbon footprint assessment for New Oriental is based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and covers the whole process from cradle to gate of the products. The results quantize the carbon footprint of the products assessed, and enable New Oriental to best present the environmental impact of its products. In the meanwhile, the assessment helps the company to learn the factors and parts that pose the most environmental burdens in the process from raw material extraction, to production, packaging and transportation, and provide reference for the company to develop more high environmental value adding products." said Ms. Zhang Li, Assistant Manager of Green Environment, Intertek China.

"Nowadays, the use of resources and energy, warm-house effect and safety of chemicals has aroused increasing public concerns. More and more consumers care about the environmental impact of the products they buy, and intend to buy the product that has lower environmental impact. As a company in the hotel amenity industry, we take sustainability as a key part of our development strategy. Therefore, as an important step to maintain sustainability, we invited the Intertek Green Environmental Department to conduct a carbon footprint assessment on our hotel amenity package series. Through assessment and proactive measures to reduce environmental impact, we will continue to develop high environment value adding products and make contributions to environment protection and sustainability."

Source: Shantou New Oriental Hotel Amenities Co., Ltd.