Perfect Diary marketing VP talks about the company's success in interview with CGTN at China International Import Expo

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GUANGZHOU, China, Nov. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Christy Sun, marketing VP of Perfect Diary, one of China's homegrown cosmetics brands, sat for an interview with CGTN (formerly CCTV NEWS) during the inaugural China International Import Expo (CIIE). ). On November 11, the annual shopping spree that just took place on Tmall, Alibaba Group's marketing-leading B2C online shopping website, Perfect Diary as an emerging Chinese cosmetics brand, outrivaled a number of competitors with the highest sales in the color cosmetics category during Tmall's promotional campaign.

Interview with CGTN
Interview with CGTN

The internet era signaled the end of large-scale standardized production. Affluent consumers are seeking something personal and unique. Christy noted affirmatively, "Gen Z consumers - those born after 1995 - are the main targets of competition among brands."

Referring to why she chose the color cosmetics industry as their battlefield, Christy stressed the relevance with China's consumption trends. According to the 2017 report on cosmetics and skincare consumption trends in China jointly released by CBNdata and Tmall, cosmetics has become one of the best-selling items, with sales growth exceeding 50% over a four-year period, well above the average rate of growth for all skin care products. The Perfect Diary team has come to the conclusion that it takes just three years for someone who has started using beauty cosmetics to upgrade to color, with variations in how each demographic will do so. In addition, in 2016, consumers born after 1990 outnumbered those born between 1980 and 1989 while the number of consumers born after 1995 seeking a more personalized solution grew more rapidly. Christy added, "We have developed a deep understanding of personalized consumption and target Gen Z consumers by launching a variety of creative events on social media. With a focus on the international fashion trends and lifestyles of Gen Z consumers, we have launched a series of high-quality innovative color cosmetics products that appeal to Gen Z consumers seeking personality expression."

Christy said that their consistent focus on products that are appealing to shoppers is another reason for Perfect Diary's success. To compete with leading international brands in terms of quality, Perfect Diary has partnered with the world's leading OEMs, including those who also provide products to Italian brand Intercos, South Korea-based COSMAX and COSON, as well as leading international brands such as Dior and YSL.

Perfect Diary also focuses on its social marketing performance as, in the current era, the amount of internet traffic related to users of the products is key to the success of a company's online marketing efforts. In September, Perfect Diary signed with Zhu Zhengting, a popular idol among millennials and lead singer of the Chinese band NEX7, as its new brand face for its lipstick products. With the new campaign, the company's integrated brand marketing efforts improved fan engagement significantly with impressions exceeding 800 million across all social platforms. Ms. Sun said the new 16-color eyeshadow compact jointly designed with the British Museum became one of the most talked about topics among beauty product fans and cultural creatives. The product received high praise for its beautiful look and the consistent quality of its exquisite powders. On leading Chinese Twitter-like social networking platform Weibo, the new eyeshadow compact ranked in the site's "Top 10 Hot Searches" list.

Ms. Sun added, "According to the latest FAST rankings released by Alibaba Group's B2C platform, Perfect Diary leads the cosmetics industry in terms of member engagement. The average views of the headline posts published by the company on its WeChat account surpassed 100,000. This extraordinary engagement that is head and shoulders ahead of our domestic and foreign rivals ensures the brand's connection with its fans."

Ms. Sun indicated that as foreign culture and brands have become more popular among Chinese consumers, Perfect Diary hopes to become a part of the growing Chinese beauty or C-beauty industry. With impressive educations and working experience accumulated in China and abroad, the team at Perfect Diary plans to boost the growth of the C-beauty industry with its peers and improve the popularity of Chinese beauty brands not only among consumers in China but also around the world.

In an era of growing adoption of Chinese products, Chinese fashion brands are increasingly becoming the choice among consumers. Unlike traditional Chinese brands, the emerging cosmetics brands are proud of their identity as a China-made product. They offer high-quality products that meet the unique needs of Chinese consumers with a firm determination to take the next step and move into global markets. Ms. Sun concluded that as a young cosmetics brand, Perfect Diary is learning from the industry's leaders and continues to create more value for consumers.  

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