Vobot SyncDisplay Is A Digital Alternative for Your Sticky Note

2019-06-12 11:01 1964

LAS VEGAS, June 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- SyncDisplay, Vobot's latest product, is taking a bold new direction with presenting information and engaging an electronic ink innovation in smart devices like the digital sticky note that power the way we'll live tomorrow.

What is unique about the E-ink Vobot SyncDisplay?

The way Vobot SyncDisplay works differs from other displays is that its battery will last at least one year of operation without charging and consumes power only when the content is changing. Thanks to 802.15.4 Wireless Mesh Network, Vobot SyncDisplay consumes much less power - only 1/1000 of the Wi-Fi, making it a compelling and sustainable alternative for displays across a range of use cases.

Smart booking & scheduling devices for modern offices

Vobot first applied this technology to the commercial field. The same technology used on the display of your Amazon Kindle is now appearing in the meeting room and across assorted working space. If you're looking for an office management solution, it's a fabulous device. It helps businesses in improving the efficiency of meeting room reservation and co-working desk utilization by delivering the schedule-related information.

The technology stands out for its ultra-low power consumption, tool-free cordless installation, and user-friendly operation. That's probably the exact reason that many of our lead customers have gone with Vobot SyncDisplay in the office used for space management signage, which needs to be updated frequently and integrated in real time.

The versatile digital sticky note

Just like any good sticky note, but Vobot SyncDisplay does a bit more to keep you updated for anything you need, like weather, live traffic, calendar events, and a range of smart-home device features. You are able to visually present your reminders and notification, no need to keep your eye on your smartphone or watches, nothing slipping through the cracks in a rush. You can stick them anywhere at your workplace or home and get your information at a glance instead of using flimsy bits of a post-it note.

A look on the future

As a brand-new, convenient, flexible, and undisturbed form of information presentation, these functions are just the start. Because of the open, developer-friendly API, SyncDisplay could be expanded to integrate with web services and intelligent devices to do more than we can expect. SyncDisplay intends primarily for the enterprise side at this stage, for the developer to explore more possibilities at the next stage, and ultimately serve as a personal assistant for individual consumers and go deep into every corner of our life. The wide-ranging application of SyncDisplay in the future will be all around us and make life better.

"We are pleased to jointly test the potential of SyncDisplay, and look forward to the collaboration toward IoT domains and SaaS applications that contribute to solving the efficiency and energy challenges in the business sector," said Roger Luo, CEO, Vobot Inc.

After SyncDisplay made its debut in CES 2019, it is well to be reminded that SyncDisplay will present at InfoComm, the audiovisual and integrated experience event. It's the perfect opportunity to explore and mingle with SyncDisplay.

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