World's First Smart Furniture Brand 37 Degree Smart Home Showcases Groundbreaking Products at CES 2019

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LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- 37 Degree Smart Home, a trailblazing newcomer in China's booming smart home industry, is showcasing its smart home products at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. Visitors are invited to the company's booth in Sands Hall A-D to experience the comfortable, efficient living space created by 37 Degree Smart Home, the world's first smart furniture brand that is transforming technology into furniture and making the most common, most-used items in the home smart.

37 Degree Smart Home’s booth in Sands Hall A-D
37 Degree Smart Home’s booth in Sands Hall A-D

KIDESK and Smart Baby Dining Table are the brand's new product line aimed at helping parents. KIDESK is designed to detect and remind children about their posture, length of time seated and lighting. With the reward function of recording duration time of correct posture, the product is considered to be a good companion for children. Smart Baby Dining Table, designed with a removable dining chair with built-in weight detector and adjustable camera that enables remote interaction, makes children's weight and temperature visible to parents via the brand's app.

Smart Baby Dining Table
Smart Baby Dining Table

Smart Bed and Smart Bedside Table are items for a smart bedroom. The Smart Bed collects health data such as heartbeat and breathing during sleep and generates a sleeping report in the brand's app. It is designed to provide multi-scenario comfort options including reading, sleeping, and getting up during nighttime, which can be set via the panel in the Smart Bedside Table. The bedside table is also equipped with alarm and wireless charging functions.

To help consumers build a smart living room, the brand presents its Smart Sofa and Smart Shoe Cabinet. Designed with a built-in temperature adjustment system and seated time reminder function, and equipped with smart sensor lamp and wireless charging bracket, the Smart Sofa has won the Silver A' Design Award in the FURNITURE, DECORATIVE ITEMS AND HOMEWARE DESIGN category. The Smart Shoe Cabinet is designed to keep the interior of the shoe cabinet and shoes dry and odorless through its sterilization and deodorization system, as well as drying and dehumidification system. It also provides footwear suggestions based on the weather.

Magic Desk, which has won the Gold A' Design Award in the FURNITURE, DECORATIVE ITEMS AND HOMEWARE DESIGN category, is a must for a smart office. Its feature of making the appropriate height adjustment based on changes of the user's work posture is completely controlled by gestures. The desktop control module uses infrared to sense the user's sitting posture, preventing the user from suffering from body aches due to poor sitting posture. It is also equipped with a smart lamp system to provide appropriate lighting for different working conditions.

Magic Desk
Magic Desk

James Guan, CEO of 37 Degree Smart Home, said, "The products we're presenting at CES are part of what we've achieved. Though it has been only one year since the company was established, we have won several domestic and international awards for product designs that combine technology and aesthetics. We will continue to design and develop more items for creating a comfortable, efficient living space and help consumers build their own smart homes."

About 37 Degree Smart Home

37 Degree Smart Home is the world's first smart furniture brand. Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, the company researches, designs, develops and sells smart home products, including items for the office, bedroom, and living room. Its products are designed to help consumers create a smart, efficient, and caring lifestyle.


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