37 Degree Smart Home Releases New Product Line To Help Parents

2018-12-21 10:38 1125

BEIJING, Dec. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- 37 Degree Smart Home, a trailblazing newcomer in China's booming smart home industry that combines technology and aesthetics to create comfortable, efficient living spaces, has released a new suite of products aimed at helping parents. The new line includes KIDESK, Safety Drawer, Smart Parenting Dining Table, and Children Cot, which together provide a systematic solution for parents who are looking for easier ways to support their kids during a range of daily scenarios including studying, eating and sleeping.

The event site
The event site

James Guan, CEO of 37 Degree Smart Home said, "We've found that traditional furniture or other home products are designed to only partially meet parents' needs, and most of the time are not designed in a child-friendly way. That's why we've transformed technology into furniture, making the most common, most-used items in the home smart, to help parents take care of their children more easily, and to create a safer, smarter home for the whole family."

James Guan, CEO of 37 Degree Smart Home is introducing the new suite of products
James Guan, CEO of 37 Degree Smart Home is introducing the new suite of products

The newly-released product line includes:

    - For children 5 to 12 years old
    - Designed to detect and remind children about their sitting position, length of time seated and lighting
  • Safety Drawer
    - Engineered to not fall down, even when children climb up onto it
    - Designed with ultraviolet lights for automatic sterilization
  • Smart Parenting Dining Table
    - For children under 2 years old
    - Removable dining chair with built-in weight detector and adjustable camera enables remote interaction
    - Children's weight and temperature visible to parents via company's app
  • Children Cot
    - Multi-scenario comfort options including reading, sleeping, getting up during nighttime and waking up
    - Includes high-precision acceleration sensor to collect health data such as heartbeat and breathing during sleep and generate sleeping report for parents
The new suite of products aimed at helping parents
The new suite of products aimed at helping parents

Tim, a 37 Degree Smart Home product reseller from Malaysia said, "The release of this product line has widened our offers to consumers. 37 Degree Smart Home is a brand focusing on solving problems in daily life through technology and good design. We are excited to be able to offer these new products to consumers and are confident in the company's future prospects."

37 Degree Smart Home is planning to open its first store in Beijing soon and to partner with for online sales. It is also communicating with well-known real estate companies in China for business development and exploring the overseas market. "Though we are a newcomer in the industry, our latest sales numbers prove that we are doing the right thing. Our goal is to boost the traditional household industry with technology and help consumers build their own smart homes," said Guan.

About 37 Degree Smart Home

37 Degree Smart Home researches, designs, develops and sells smart home products, including items for the office, bedroom, and living room. Its products are designed to help consumers stop wasting time and create a smart, efficient, and caring lifestyle. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its Magic Desk and won many backers. Another campaign for its KIDESK is currently open.

Source: 37 Degree Smart Home