ZAFUL Enters New Era of Precise Fashion Operation

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LOS ANGELES, June 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, ZAFUL founded its fashion design center in Guangzhou, Guangdong province. Not long ago, a new operation team, specialized in connecting the back-end design with front-end operations, was officially formed. Fashion design in ZAFUL has now entered into a new era when every item, design element, material and pattern can be traced, researched, strategically planned and managed online. From consumer feedback to a new arrival, it can be finished as fast as 7 - 10 days.

ZAFUL's themed collection in April
ZAFUL's themed collection in April

Precise management in fashion design

Since the decision to infuse precise management in fashion design in 2019, ZAFUL has been involved in many operation optimization programs and initiatives. Building up the key links between design and front-end is one of the priorities, the category operation team is a crucial strategy addition to direct designing through big-data analysis and market trend capture.

Based on the research this team has done in the past few months, all listings online have been categorized by various dimensions, like palette, price, key style, key age group and dress occasion. The items in each category are also going to be well curated in a certain percentage, which is strategically planned based on brand positioning and market demand. "From e-commerce, one of its biggest advantages over brick-and-mortar is that everything happens online. It can be traced, accumulated and studied. By making good use of data, the brand can serve so much better their customers." Operation Manager Xueqiao Zhong said.

The combination of multiple design sources

Now, ZAFUL keeps multiple design mechanisms inside the team to enrich the design source as well as maintain its modern and signature image. Every month, ZAFUL will develop two themed collections based on well-researched market demand and trendy styles to represent the many sides of ZAFUL women. The themed collection in April proved to be successful both in its social popularity and sales.

While having themed collections, ZAFUL will maintain the sources of suppliers, designers and buyers worldwide. The proper combination of multiple design sources and mindsets will balance the diverse demand from consumers and help satisfy as many fashion desires, occasions, ages and moods, as possible. Meanwhile, multiple design sources will help maintain the creativity and dynamics of the fashion brand and form a virtuous cycle where different design mindsets are able to complete with each other by sharing their own creative advantages.


Founded in 2014, ZAFUL is devoted to providing trendy and cost-efficient fashion-related products for the younger generation worldwide. In 2019, ZAFUL was ranked 23rd in Top 50 China Export Brands by BrandZ, the world's largest brand equity database. So far, ZAFUL has acquired 10 million registered users online with 18 million monthly active users on average, covering consumers in over 180 countries. ZAFUL's vision is to become the leader in online fast fashion.  

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