ZAFUL launches enhanced global influencer program to seek win-win partnership

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LOS ANGELES, Nov. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Last week, ZAFUL upgraded its global influencer project and kicked off the brand new management model with global influencers, aiming to reorganize the existing contracted influencers and potential ones. The project will enhance current management and operation policies and advocate win-win partnership with influencers to reach a common goal in fashion.

Influencers at ZAFUL×Victor Wong’s show during London Fashion Week
Influencers at ZAFUL×Victor Wong’s show during London Fashion Week

Influencer 2.0 : systematic management and tracking

Compared to three years ago, the scale of ZAFUL's influencers has grown 6 times bigger. Due to the increasing market and larger number of consumers, ZAFUL has broke the record with its influencer pool reaching 37k worldwide. Instead of following up each case individually, ZAFUL built up its own internal CMMS system in 2016 to manage and track every single agency and influencer to improve efficiency in financial flow, contract recording, archiving and performance evaluation. With the assistance of CMMS, one is able to manage thousands of influencers compared than just hundreds three years ago.

Another intelligent data system inside ZAFUL acts as the KPI detector and evaluates the performance of each influencer. According to Claire Wang, the Influencer Manager of ZAFUL, collaboration with influencers are much more efficient with all the tools at hands. "Before, influencers could only be evaluated by the number of followers which sometimes can be disguised by zombie followers. Now we can clearly see the conversion rate, brand impact, and the ability to reach targeted audience of each influencer. In this way, we can accordingly adjust our cooperation model and strategy when necessary."

Through systematic management, influencers are categorized based on the level of influence where they can better support the market campaigns for various objectives. The best ones can even get the chance to be a ZAFUL representative at public occasions.

"Win-win partnership is our expectation for the long term"

A survey conducted by Collective Bias reveals 70% of millennial consumers are influenced by the recommendations of their peers in buying decisions. And the importance of influencer marketing is still rising. However, every opportunity comes with a challenge.

For cross-border collaborations, it is hard to restrain the other party from breaking a contract especially for small deals. Influencer Manager Claire Wang has worked with both individual influencers and agencies in the past few years. Experienced as she is right now, there is still be a possibility that influencers may break the contract. "It happened to us before that the official ZAFUL Instagram account (over 3 million followers) was taken advantage of. Some unfriendly influencers wanted to get more followers by smearing us publicly. With all the tools we have now, it will help track the records, protect both sides and make collaboration smoother."

"Win-win partnership is always our expectation for the long term. The cohesiveness is built up by social interaction and resources exchange, where we have gained more than 37k influencers now compared to 5k influencers three years ago. Therefore, we will not stop improving the collaboration with influencers professionally and personally, " Claire Wang said.


Founded in 2014, ZAFUL is devoted to providing trendy and cost-efficient fashion-related products for all young women worldwide. In 2018, ZAFUL was ranked 34th in Top 50 China Export Brands by BrandZ, the world's largest brand equity database. So far, ZAFUL has provided fast fashion products for consumers in 180 countries through their cross-border e-commerce platform. ZAFUL's vision is to become the leader in online fast fashion.

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