Zetta Industry's Successful Development of Mass Production for 100-Nano Filter Melt Atomization

2019-07-02 18:36 1591

SEOUL, South Korea, July 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Zetta Industry Corporation (CEO, Won-dae Kim) revealed that they successfully developed mass production technology for Nano-fiber in the amount of 100-Nano by using Melting Type Polymer in Zetta Spinning (Zetta Atomization) exclusively developed by the company beyond the 1-2 micro-diameter of fiber with Melt Blown method.

Zetta Industry Korea is establishing a system to mass produce Solvent Type and Melting Type Nano Fiber with international research jointly conducted with Zetta Japan that possesses the original patent of Zetta Spinning. They have recently successfully developed mass production technology for Melting Type Polymer in the amount of 100-Nano (Nano Fiber indicates the scope of 1-100 Nano of fiber diameter. Any fiber diameter above it belongs to micro-fiber, beyond the scope of Nano Fiber). 

Zetta Industry has developed mass production technology for Solvent Type Polymer in the amount of 50-Nano establishing the initial mass production line at Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do. At this stage, they have successfully developed Melt Type Polymer in the amount of 100-Nano, showing successful mass production technology for both Solvent Type and Melt Type.

Nano Fiber mass production technology in the amount of 100 Nano developed by Zetta Industry in the use of Melt Type Polymer at this moment is applicable to various fields such as high-function outdoor membrane, electronic vehicle sound-absorbing insulated sheet, and sound-absorbing insulators for construction with much improved production efficiency and product characteristics. At the same time, it is planned to widely apply Melt Type Nano Filter to diverse environmental industries such fine dust, air and water quality improvement, and air conditioners.

Zetta Industry is scheduled to establish a large scale mass production line in 2020 after constructing the initial mass production line for Solvent Type and Melt Type this year. They have already concluded an agreement of strategic collaborated business with domestic mask manufacturer actively deploying collaborated business with large companies in Korea and Japan in the applicable field of high-function filters including vehicle air conditioner filters or fine dust window frames

Zetta Spinning technology has been globally recognized as published in America Chemical Society in 2016 as the president Mitsuhiro Takahashi (ESD technology developer at that time) from Panasonic in Japan as a core player who participated in the 'advanced function and new structure fiber-based technology developing' project held by NEDO in Japan for 5 years from 2006 and Professor, Akihiko Tanioka, from Tokyo Institute of Technology (senior researcher at that time) completed the national project in Japan developing new yet unique Zetta Spinning method beyond Nano Fiber production technology based on ESD and Melt Blown type in 2014 through the origin of technology of Zetta Company established in 2011. ('Highly Productive Systems of Nanofibers for Novel Applications' - Akihiko Tanioka and Mitsuhiro Takahashi)

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Source: Zetta Industry Corporation