"Fujian Brands on the Maritime Silk Road" Promotes the Fujian Products to Go Out

2019 "Fujian Brands on the Maritime Silk Road" series of activities in Vietnam
Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce
2019-11-22 10:08 1076

HANOI, Vietnam, Nov. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- As an important oriental starting point of the ancient Maritime Silk Road and a core area of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road determined by the Central Government of China, Fujian has achieved fruitful results in trade and cooperation with countries and regions along the "HaiSi" in recent years. Many of China's Fujian brands are taking advantage of the "HaiSi"'s east wind to enter the global perspective and promote the "going out" of the goods as one of the important contents.

Vietnam is an important node country on the "Belt and Road". Since the normalization of the relations between China and Vietnam, economic and trade cooperation between the two countries has developed rapidly. The bilateral trade volume has increased nearly 82 times in the past nine years. The bilateral trade between Fujian and Vietnam last year totaled 106.706 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.71%. In more than 200 countries and regions, China has become the first trading partner of Vietnam that has exceeded US$100 billion in bilateral trade.

From November 14-16, "Fujian Brands on the Maritime Silk Road" (Vietnam station) was held as part of the 2019 Vietnam International Sporting Goods and Sports Fashion Trade Fair. The Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce set up the Fujian Brand Pavilion, which showed the overall image of Fujian Province, demonstrated Fujian's excellent business environment and reform and opening up results, and exhibited Fujian brand products. At the same time, the company's product exhibition area was set up. With an exhibition area of 576 square meters, 37 sports companies (64 booths), shoes and other industries with representative works were exhibited. The site welcomed many international merchants. According to statistics, during the event, a total of nearly 400 merchants were received, with intentional sales of 5.26 million US dollars.

On November 14, the "Fujian Brands on the Maritime Silk Road" (Vietnam Station) matchmaking meeting was held in the Hanoi International Convention and Exhibition Center. Gao Jia, senior consultant of Yingke Global (Vietnam), and Ms. Huang Fangying, manager of Vietnam VIGLACERA Industrial Zone Project, were invited. 30 selected Fujian brand enterprises, more than 50 representatives of Fujian brand enterprises and international merchants attended the meeting.

Source: Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce