2021 Hengshui Lake Marathon & National Marathon Championships (Hengshui Station) kicks off

The event celebrates its 10th anniversary

HENGSHUI, China, Oct. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Bank of Hengshui Cup" 2021 Hengshui Lake Marathon & National Marathon Championships (Hengshui Station) kicked off at Hengshui Lake Marathon Square at 7:30 AM on October 17 with some 20,000 runners from around the country participating in the event. The grace displayed by the athletes as they began their run set against the city's breathtaking scenery created an endearing snapshot of the joy and excitement expressed on the 10th anniversary of the Hengshui Lake Marathon.

The race was once again run on the course around the lake starting at Hengshui Lake Marathon Square. The finish line for both the full and the half marathon was set up at Hengshui Lake Marathon Square, while the Health Run event ended at the north gate of Garden Expo Park.

After a fierce competition, Guan Yousheng won the men's full marathon, clocking in at 2:14:59, while Chen Liqin took home the honors at the woman's when she crossed the finish line at 2:40:02. In the half marathons, Xie Jie and Yin Xiaoyu were respectively named the winners of the men's and women's events, with posted times of 1:10:47 and 1:18:40.

The first Hengshui Lake Marathon took place in 2012, making this year's race the event's 10th. The city's successful hosting of the event annually over the course of a decade has provided Hengshui with much in the way of rich and valuable experience while vastly raising the visibility and stature of the city in both the national and international arenas. Hengshui Lake Marathon has been designated a Chinese Athletic Association (CAA) Gold Medal race and an IAAF Gold Label Race. It is the only event in Hebei province to earn the two designations.

The event has remained faithful to its founding mission, with each year demonstrating new achievements and providing ever growing confidence its long-term sustainability. Looking forward to another successful decade, the event's organizers have stated that they remain committed to continuously implementing improvements to the quality of the services provided to the marathon and the runners, promoting the local culture, while further raising the visibility of Hengshui in the international arena and contributing to the enhancement of the economy, governance, culture, vitality, charisma and security of the city of Hengshui.

Media contact:
Jia'nan Xu

Source: Hengshui Lake International Marathon Organizing Committee