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Chroma Receives the Highest Industrial Innovation Award in Taiwan

2017-05-16 07:00

TAOYUAN, Taiwan, May 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Chroma ATE Inc. CEO Leo Huang received the Distinguished Enterprise Innovation Award, the highest honor available from the 5th Industrial Innovation Award during the awards ceremony held on April 21.


Leo Huang expresses his gratitude towards the Evaluation Committee from the 5th Industrial Innovation Award for awarding Chroma this honor, "This award also belongs to all members of Chroma who have devoted their long effort in developing innovative testing solutions."

Chroma was founded in 1984, with dedication in research, development and manufacturing of precision test and measurement instruments to sell globally under "Chroma" brand. After years of experiences in automation integration and MES technology, Chroma has become a "Turnkey Solution" provider since 2011 with core technology in measurement.

Chroma test solutions are mainly applied to ICT industry, semiconductor, and clean technology, which includes solar energy, LED lighting, lithium battery and electric vehicle industries, that are widely used for R&D, manufacturing and quality assurance. At all times, Chroma's solutions have been proven to effectively improve its customer's product quality and production efficiency, as well as to increase their competitiveness. This is Chroma's biggest value.

Chroma strives to providing testing solutions with precision, reliability and uniqueness. By developing innovative technology, enhancing its brand value and globalization, the company holds on to the vision of growing Chroma into a world-class enterprise with world-class products.

With leading technologies, Chroma is able to partner with the world's 1st tier customers in collaborative development to timely grasp the market trends and demands. Using advanced big data analytics, Chroma can improve the production process and yield, and assist customers in aspects of pre-analysis, pre-diagnosis and preventative maintenance prediction under the era of Industry 4.0 for smart manufacturing. For instance, Chroma has recently independently completed the production line setup of battery cell formation for China's largest lithium battery manufacturer to improve the product quality and consistency. Chroma's power module automatic test system, with the highest market share worldwide, is also deployed by global European and American 1st tier automakers.

To facilitate super hi-vision video broadcast during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Chroma introduced its ultrahigh 8K (Super-Hi Vision) resolution display test solution in early 2017. Furthermore, prior to the market forecast of launching 3D camera for smart phones, Chroma has already developed unique and innovative test equipment for laser diode in 3D imaging application.

Chroma insists on providing new technologies, high value-added products and services to satisfy customer's demands and reach out worldwide opportunities to achieve sustainable growth.

Product Contacts:

Chroma ATE Inc. (Headquarters), Tel: +886-3-3279999
Chroma ATE Inc. (U.S.A.), Tel: +1-949-421-0355; Toll Free +1-800-478-2026
Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc., Tel: +1-949-600-6400
Chroma ATE Europe B.V., Tel: +31-318-648282
Chroma ATE Germany, Tel: +49-821-790967-0
Chroma Japan Corp., Tel: +81-45-542-1118
Chroma Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Tel: +86-755-2664-4598
Quantel Pte Ltd., Tel: +65-6745-3200

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Source: Chroma ATE Inc.
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