Intelliber Technologies announces a Kickstarter campaign for Socialyk - World's 1st human centric SaaS Platform

Intelliber Technologies Inc.
2017-03-16 05:19 1960

SAN FRANCISCO, March 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Imagine a platform where users, content and actions go together. On demand by a vetted net of millions of users who are entrepreneurs, recruiters, travelers, bloggers, event organizers, project owners, marketers etc.

Landing Page of Socialyk
Landing Page of Socialyk

A platform where activities and stuffs are human and need centric focused towards impacting the lives of users and bringing a social and professional impact in an individual and brand focused ecosystem. A place where users gather to identify insights, analytical intelligence, hire talented candidates, build their subscriber base, get customers, post classifieds, check reviews, claim offers, bid on projects, market as per audience and consumer type, sell through real-time leads, access analytical data not available in the public domain and apply to jobs. It's called Socialyk.

Just post your needs across relevant categories and let our human centric approach based engine automatically match you with the right users. Whatever, whenever, wherever you need it.

Your human needs could be a travel agent in Hawaii, an adventure trip to Mount Everest, search for a travel partner, business needs of a company in Silicon Valley, a buyer in your location, a recruiter hiring for your skill sets, a marketer running offers for your kind of audience or a scuba diver in Bangkok. Incredible users across global locations are now at your fingertips. 

Everyone on Socialyk has a detailed profile with samples of their work. You can see their interests, skill sets, preferences and the full range of their expertise. Reviews help you choose the right company for your next job. On Socialyk, you can add your existing team; let people know about your services and products or build an entire team through our job post feature from the ground up. Socialyk's human focused approach brings information's and opportunities for your needs to your disposal. Socialyk also handles the marketing researches, business intelligence and surveys for companies and individuals and helps you with informed decision making through real-time business data. 

So whether you are a recruiter, job seeker, freelancer, company owner, brand or a media conglomerate; Socialyk helps you focus on doing what you love most; doing amazing things. Finding and availing opportunities real-time, every time.

How is Socialyk Different from other's doing the same thing?

  • Socialyk brings opportunities to YOU in line with its human centric approach and philosophy. Saves your time and money spent across multiple sites and multiple subscriptions for doing the same thing. REMEMBER EVERY PENNY SAVED IS AN INVESTMENT.
  • Existing platforms only serve specific needs of users. Socialyk is fully functional and end to end platform bringing opportunities to users like jobs, reviews, offers, happening events, information on companies, projects. EVERYTHING UNDER A SINGLE PAGE SAVING YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON VARIOUS SUBSCRIPTIONS.
  • You can control what happens on every post that you submit on Socialyk? You can control which post can be commented, liked, shared or say just viewed. Move over to the "Set Action" button located at the top right of your "Waveline Post" box. Select which actions you want to allow and voila you are done.
  • Existing platforms have one-way approach ignoring the human centric needs of opportunities being made available to them. None of them have a functionality driven, full funnel, end-to-end, human centric, market side demand and supply oriented SaaS functionalities.

Innovation in technology platforms which have kept a human centric approach have always succeeded in bringing a social rise and better acceptance in being a change maker in the tech ecosystem. Socialyk is the world's 1st human centric SaaS platform and one of the first smart platforms to hit the market and has garnered interest and accolades from casual users to companies of various sizes and well know personalities like Christopher Ruhr – 3 Times Olympic Gold Medal winner from Germany and MS Dhoni, famous cricketer and ex-captain of Indian Cricket Team during beta testing. Now Socialyk is available to the public with special privileges and excellent rewards for Kickstarter backers. 

Socialyk's Kickstarter campaign is officially open now and can be seen here:

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Source: Intelliber Technologies Inc.