Midea Debuts New Dishwasher Line at IFA 2017

BERLIN, Sept. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Midea demonstrates a new line of dishwashers from September 1-6 at IFA 2017 at the Messe Berlin international exhibition center, the worlds' first built-in dishwashers that use full stainless steel liners.

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Midea Debuts New Dishwasher Line at IFA 2017
Midea Debuts New Dishwasher Line at IFA 2017

The new dishwasher series is focused on boosting overall performance including basic functionality, sanitation, design, supplies, maintenance and troubleshooting.

All dishwashers are lined with stainless steel on the inside to provide better drying and prevent prevent mold and mildew. The sleek design can also fit into any modern kitchen seamlessly.

The highlight of the product line is the WQP12-9501, a water and energy efficient double-drawer model with seven programs installed to accommodate any household needs. An express wash cycle option is available for cleaning and drying dishes within 30 minutes. It also features double air blower and adjustable cup holders.

Other notable models include the WQP8-3909 with soft water functions and the WQP8-3090A, which offers smart washing.

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"Midea engineers have designed the ideal kitchen helpers for families. To clean dishes thoroughly without leaving any residue, we've connected the spray arms with the axle hole to ensure stable water flow and durability, and the customizable baskets allow users to fit large pots and irregularly-shaped plates easily," explained Shafei Song, Director of Marketing, Overseas Sales & Marketing Department of Midea's Kitchen Appliances Division.

The dishwashing powder basket has a blue identifier that reads and displays the remaining detergent on the allocator, and a children lock is also equipped to make the dishwasher safer for families.

"Our smart, convenient dishwashers are also part of our built-in kitchen units and solutions which can be combined with other Midea appliances. We are proud of this line as it not only highlights innovative technologies, but also suits the needs of our customers," said Song.

About Midea Kitchen Appliance Division

Midea Kitchen Appliance Division is affiliated to Midea Group, one of the largest household appliance manufacturers in China. Founded in 1968, Midea is one of the world's largest kitchen appliance suppliers with annual sales revenue exceeding US$ 2.7 billion, and is the world's No. 1 microwave oven and No. 3 dishwasher manufacturer. It operates three production bases and two R&D centers in China in addition to a production base in Belarus and an R&D center in Bologna, Italy.

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