Mobileum Adds Advertising Fraud Control to its Counter Fraud Analytics Suite

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2016-02-18 14:21 2343

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

CSPs can now Detect and Block Advertising Fraud to Help Advertisers Get Better Value for Advertising Spends

Mobileum, the leader in analytics solutions for telecoms, will unveil its Advertising Fraud Control solution at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This will enable CSPs (Carrier Service Providers) to identify malicious websites and bots, for desktops and mobile, that participate in advertising fraud. These insights will help the advertisers block these frauds to derive better return per dollar invested.


Digital advertising spend is projected to surpass TV ads in 2016, however, as this spend increases so does the advertising fraud. With programmatic ad buying growing in popularity, the risk of fraud is even more. For example, a programmatic ecosystem is susceptible to 'URL masking', where a publisher fakes its website to the ad exchanges as another website, usually more reputable. The buyer has no idea where the ads are actually running.

It is estimated that 30% of the digital ad spend will be on fraudulent ads. Using sophisticated bots, which mimic human behavior, fraudsters have found ways to generate impressions (CPM), clicks (CPC), and installs (CPA) that lead to advertising spend with no return or benefit to the advertiser, as no real user is engaged in these activities.

According to Jaskaran Singh, VP of Big Data & Analytics at Mobileum, "CSPs are in a unique position to monitor the mobile traffic and our solution enables them to study patterns to identify spurious domains and bots committing such frauds. Further, we provide tools to contain these frauds by blocking them at the network level. CSPs can monetize these insights, by providing advertising fraud detection and blocking as a service to the digital advertising ecosystem."

Mobileum's Counter Fraud Analytics platform, used by several tier-1 telcos, leverages deep machine learning to identify ad frauds at multiple severity levels. This, coupled with Mobileum's policy control products, enables automated and supervised actions to block these frauds in real time thereby limiting the loss. 

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