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2016-05-18 16:00 1856

TOKYO, May 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 18, CYBIRD Co., Ltd. launched a special preregistration bonus campaign for its new smartphone game BFB Champions: Global Kick-Off, a sequel to the Japanese smash-hit soccer game BFB 2016. The campaign will reward users who sign up in advance with in-game items when the app is launched later this year.


Making use of the latest app-marketing techniques from Japan, where preregistration bonus campaigns are a widely used launch strategy, CYBIRD will be running two types of preregistration campaign: an online lucky dip minigame; and a reward tier campaign. Both campaigns will run until the Japanese launch of BFB Champions, at the end of June, and more details about each of them are below.

Lucky dip campaign:

Users who sign up at the dedicated campaign website will be able to play a lucky dip minigame to try to unlock a set of around 16 football players. Users can then choose one of the players they have unlocked to receive as a gift in the game when it launches later this year, along with another very special player.

More details can be found at the dedicated campaign website: URL:

Reward tier campaign:

The reward tier campaign will see a series of free gifts unlocked for EVERY user when the game is launched later this year. The exact number and type of gifts will depend on the total number of signups across Twitter, Facebook, the lucky dip campaign site and the dedicated BFB Champions teaser website.

More details can be found at the BFB Champions teaser website: URL:

Reward tier signup methods:

Sign up at the BFB Champions teaser website with your email address: URL:

Sign up at the lucky dip campaign site with your email address: URL:

Like the official BFB Champions Facebook Page: URL:

Follow the official BFB Champions Twitter account: URL:

Be sure to register for the campaign using one of the methods above, or email for more information.

What is BFB Champions: Global Kick-Off?

BFB Champions allows players to become the manager of a football club and compete in leagues and against players all over the world. It is a sequel to the acclaimed soccer game BFB 2016, which is currently available in Japan and Hong Kong on smartphones. "BFB Champions" features a newly improved game system and a range of new features, and will be released in Britain and Europe later this year.

BFB Champions: Global Kick-Off official teaser site:

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BFB Champions: Global Kick-Off official Facebook page:
BFB Champions: Global Kick-Off official Twitter account: @BFBChampions

About BFB Champions: Global Kick-Off

Game name: BFB Champions: Global Kick-Off
Publisher: Cybird Co., Ltd. (BFB Studio)
Launch date: 2H, 2016 (Britain)
OS: Android, iOS
Copyright: (c) 2016 CYBIRD

About CYBIRD Co., Ltd.

Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
President and CEO: Kazutomo Robert Hori

About BFB Studio

BFB Studio is a development studio within CYBIRD, set up in April 2015 to develop and manage apps for smartphones. Its first title, BFB 2016, was a smash hit in Japan and Hong Kong where it was downloaded over 3 million times and built up a fiercely loyal fan base. To build on that success, BFB Champions: Global Kick-Off is being developed for global release in the hope of putting a smile on the faces of footie fans all over the world.

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