Suning Showcases 'Smart Retail' at CES Asia

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SHANGHAI, June 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- China's retail giant Suning Holdings Group ("Suning" or "the Group") is presenting a range of intelligent electronic devices and technologies at the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show Asia (CES Asia), which is running through June 9 in Shanghai, China. Through its own exhibition, and at a summit on innovation, Suning is showcasing an intelligent model of the retail business.

Suning Exhibiting its Smart Home Series
Suning Exhibiting its Smart Home Series


Suning Showcasing its AR/VR Technologies
Suning Showcasing its AR/VR Technologies

The Group has developed a series of solutions that can help companies engage in what Suning calls "Smart Retail", including an App that controls all the intelligent electronic appliances at home, a robot system that helps businesses by conversing with users at any time, an intelligent logistic system that tracks parcels as they are being delivered, as well as a supply system that can supplement products to retailers based on market data and analysis.

"Intelligent technologies are applied not only to consumer goods, but also to the retail sector. These systems can perceive consumers' habits, foresee trends and offer better service," said Sun Weimin, Vice Chairman of Suning.

Before the opening of CES Asia, Suning also launched an online campaign, selling a wide range of intelligent electronic appliances for living and entertainment provided by leading industry players such as GREE, Whirlpool and PPTV. These products are also displayed at the Group's booth at the show.

In recent years, Suning has been upgrading, and integrating the latest technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and cloud computing into its retail stores, transforming its supply chain, e-commerce operation and consumer targeting model. The results have successfully broken down the wall between traditional brick-and-mortar stores and online shops, bringing new viability to both. For example, during the CES Show, when visitors scan an image of a product, or capture an image of the actual product, they will receive a discount voucher for that specific product. "Smart Retail is the retail model for the future. It will 'get' you better than your loved ones," said Sun.

To further introduce these technology breakthroughs, Suning will hold its own innovation summit during CES Asia to promote the idea of "Created in China" to the world. Industrial leaders will gather at the event to discuss possible models of breeding business success through innovation.

"By leveraging its integrated resources in online and offline retail, Suning will show an alternative model of the retail business to the world, bringing high-quality products and service to domestic and international consumers," said Sun.

About Suning Holdings Group

Founded in 1990, Suning Holdings Group, through its subsidiaries, is a market leader across six industries: Retail, Real Estate, Media and Entertainment, Investment, Sports, and Financial Services. Two of Suning's subsidiaries are publicly listed, Suning Commerce Group and LAOX Japan. In 2016 Suning ranked as the second-largest Chinese non-state owned enterprise. With online and offline retail platforms serving a market of around 280 million loyal consumers, Suning is able to provide comprehensive services for consumers, as well as reliable and efficient support to overseas companies that are just entering the Chinese market.

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