Techcode's Global "AI+" Vertical Acceleration Project Launches

2016-09-21 12:44 1908

BEIJING, Sept. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 19, 2016, Techcode Incubator companies around the world linked together to hold the Techcode "AI+" Vertical Acceleration Project launching ceremony. By recruiting outstanding artificial intelligence entrepreneurship programs worldwide, Techcode will integrate its abundant resources on a global platform. Working to boost the development of the AI industry at key points with global, industry-specific, professional support, Techcode provides a wide range of services including AI technology resources, professional mentoring, global market access, business actualization and investment and financing. The "AI+" Vertical Acceleration Project will recruit top talents from around the world, and will launch a 3-month special program from October 2016 to January 2017.

Techcode CEO Haiyan Huang said, "In China and around the world, artificial intelligence is a leading industry, and will remain so far into the future. Techcode is based around AI as its core. A high-tech and complex integrated industry, AI has a wide range of possibilities for its application. Techcode is making use of its resources to build a global strategy." Drawing on its insights on the current trends in AI and the tech industry, Techcode designed and launched its "AI+" Vertical Acceleration Project.

To best support the "AI+" vertical integration project team, Techcode has provided specially-designed technical and professional teaching resources, including project guidance, online curriculum sharing, interactive tutoring courses, a global partnering event, social activities, and a founders' seminar. Participants in the project will also enjoy the Techcode platform's long-term benefits after the incubation period, and will be able to participate in Techcode's Demo Day activities, Global Partner Day, innovation roadshow, and social events.

This AI innovation project is a unique initiative by Techcode, a professional institution with a focus on integrating international technology trends and cultivating emerging industries. With the help of the 40-plus industry towns built by Techcode's strategic partner, China Fortune Land Development Co., Techcode uses its method of "incubation - acceleration - industrialization - commercialization" to provide total support from "the first step" to "each step" to "the last mile." With the increasing demand for the development and industrialization of AI, combined with the advantages provided by the resources of an industrial park, Techcode will help to launch top projects and provide greater support to the entrepreneurs shaping the future of the AI industry.

Alongside the "AI+"Vertical Acceleration Project, The Medical Device Acceleration Project is another star project in the Big-Health field of Techcode Global. The Medical Device Acceleration Project will be officially launched on September 29. The entire project will last 5 months, including 2 months of accelerated recruitment and 3 months of accelerated project. The selected 50 outstanding projects, which come from eight countries, will be specially accelerated over 3 months. TechCode will design accelerated programs including lectures and tutorials, technical sharing, mentoring, and global resources docking, and will integrate the world's top technical resources, teacher resources, global manufacturing and distribution cooperation resources to help these outstanding projects development at full speed.

Source: Techcode