With SHAREit's Newly Developed Video Player Function, Users Can Share and Watch Videos at the Same Time

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JAKARTA, Indonesia, Feb. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 80 million SHAREit users in Indonesia welcomed its android version update in Jan. 2017. This version mainly updated functions of video watching, memory management, and content distribution. 

With SHAREit's Newly Developed Video Player Function, Users Can Share and Watch Videos at the Same Time
With SHAREit's Newly Developed Video Player Function, Users Can Share and Watch Videos at the Same Time

Video Player: Watch videos while sharing them

SHAREit strives to bring a perfect experience to users. The release of the Video Player function enables users to watch the video on the SHAREit platform right after receiving it rather than depending on any third party software or platform. In this way video transmitted can be enjoyed right away, which makes the sharing experience better.

App Manager: Analyze system to improve performance

Most people who love to share encounter the problem of too much content being shared taking up most of the phone's memory. Functions like App Manager are there to solve such problems.

In new versions, SHAREit increased the App Manager function to manage phone memory, which can intelligently help users analyze phone memory to clean up junk easily by deleting unnecessary large files to save storage memory. In this way performance is improved tremendously which solves the problem of insufficient space during the sharing process.

Group Share: Group sharing at any time

In addition to new functions such as Video Player and App Manager, SHAREit has also upgraded the priority of original Group Share to put it on the system's front page together with contents cleaning and files history.

When users open SHAREit, they can clearly see the button for Group Share under "receive" and " send". Upon clicking the button, they can form groups with their friends, family, colleagues, etc., and directly share various content with them instead of building connections one by one, which not only saves time but also can draw them more closely to family/friends.

Just imagine what kind of changes Group share will bring to life, with efficiency of learning materials sharing and work file distribution improved by several levels. There is no network data cost, also neither worry about spending too much time due to a slow network, nor the risk of leaking files because of an unsafe network.

In the age of the internet, people can't live without networks. Network speed not only affects the speed of sharing but also quality of life. In China, slow networks have become a nightmare for many as users always have to wait when they want to share interesting things with friends.

SHAREit is devoted to providing a much faster sharing experience for users all around the world, with system versions updated one by one, with more functions being developed to improve users' living standards. An application lock (which protects users' privacy by adding a password to applications) and SHAREit replacement (one-click data backup and restore) released earlier have been well received globally.

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