ANTA Reveals C202/2.0 on Berlin Marathon Eve, Paying Tribute to the Race

2019-09-29 01:04 893

BERLIN, Sept. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- After the debut on Sept. 26th at the Berlin Marathon Expo, ANTA Running has officially launched the latest ANTA Challenge202/2.0 limited edition SHINE & GLOW at Berlin FIRMAMENT. On the launch day, to echo the design elements for the collection, the whole store was decorated in traditional Chinese ink paintings, celebrating in a cheerful party with artists to help add a little personal touch to the product, and a long queue lined up for the latest long-waited running gear.

Inspired from strong runners insight, expressed in Chinese traditional aesthetics

SHINE & GLOW are the limited and special edition of C202/2.0, which was inspired by runners' state of mind, and expressed through Chinese traditional aesthetics.

Marathons are one of the world's most popular yet challenging sports that test human limits for endurance and persistence. For many runners, when approaching their physical limits, the real test happens as distracting voices may emerge in the mind to strike their confidence or even lead them to quit. Based on this insight, C202 took the cue from a traditional Chinese ink painting to visualize the process how runners conquer their inner fears and confusion to "Wipe out the fog in their heart, and see the shine and glow", to encourage more runners to keep moving forward and achieving their best time in their race and in themselves.

Celebrating the best time from the Berlin Marathon, empowering more with an upgraded product

"ANTA Challenge202" Racing Shoes, also called "ANTA C202", was first launched in 2018 and has been a hit product line known for its great performance in marathons. When C202 was designed, the world's record for Marathon was 2 hours and 2 minutes 57 seconds. Paying tribute to marathon race's spirit to keep challenging personal bests, ANTA named the shoes "Challenge202". The shoe is honored as "PB Shoes" as many marathon runners achieved their "Personal Best" with C202.

The C202 2.0 version has been greatly enhanced in material and design and aims to help more runners challenge their own personal best in marathon races. Last year the record was broken at the Berlin Marathon, therefore ANTA has brought the latest special edition SHINE & GLOW in honor of faster and farther running goals to Berlin, as well as taking traditional Chinese athletics to the world stage.

Source: ANTA