ARTERY Achieved IEC-60730 Compliance for AT32 MCUs to Guarantee High Performance and Safe Operation

2024-05-20 15:31 1420

HSINCHU, May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- ARTERY AT32 Software Library has recently passed the verification of IEC-60335 compliance to provide high performance and safe operation of AT32 products. SGS, the world's leading testing, inspection and certification authority, issued the Verification of Compliance to ARTERY, which recognized ARTERY's excellent quality and technical strength in the field of home appliances, and also laid a solid foundation for wider application of AT32 MCUs.

Operation and functional safety of is the top priority of home appliances and electronic products. To eliminate risk of hazards caused by system malfunction and protect personal safety, home appliances and electronic products are required to be tested and verified by relevant standards. To guarantee operational safety, ARTERY achieved IEC-60730 compliance for AT32 MCUs, including AT32F4, AT32A4, AT32M4 and AT32WB4 series (general and dedicated). Besides, ARTERY provides IEC-60730 Class B software library to assist customers in product functionality and safety design.

▲IEC 60730 Class B Test Report and Verification of Compliance
▲IEC 60730 Class B Test Report and Verification of Compliance

The IEC 60730 standard prepared by International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is a safety standard for household appliances. This Verification of Compliance proves that ARTERY is qualified to guarantee safe operation with its leading technologies of MCU application in home appliances. The verified AT32 MCU software library can be embedded into the software system of household appliances and electronics for self-test, helping obtaining IEC 60730 certification in final products, thus to reduce development time and cost, as well as the time to market.

Specifically, the IEC60730 standard covers mechanical, electrical, electronic, EMC and abnormal operation of AC appliances. Annex H (H.2.22) of IEC60730 has three software classifications for automatic electronic controls:
Class A: Not intended to be relied up for the safety of the equipment
Class B: To prevent unsafe operation of the controlled equipment
Class C: To prevent special hazards

AT32 Software Library has been tested and improved in the functional design and safety for household appliances, and verified compliance with the IEC60730 Class B standard. The tests for AT32 Software Library include startup selftest and runtime selftest.

Startup selftest

  • CPU registers and flags test
  • Watchdog functionality test
  • System clock test
  • Flash memory CRC test
  • RAM functional test
  • Control flow test

Runtime selftest

  • Partial CPU core registers test
  • System clock test
  • Flash CRC test
  • Stack overflow test
  • Control flow test
  • Partial RAM selftest (in the interrupt service routine)
  • Feed dog (watchdog)

Taking into account the functional safety of electronic products, all AT32 MCUs provide hardware peripherals, related documents and function library to support product design and development to be compliant with safety regulations, help obtain safety certification and improve time to market.

AT32_IEC 60730_CLASSB Software Library User Guide download: 

Source: Artery Technology