BeautyPlus launches the Easy Editor feature, creating a new approach to selfie editing

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XIAMEN, China, March 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 6th, Meitu's flagship overseas product, BeautyPlus has launched its new function Easy Editor, which features easy Tap-to-Edit on any facial parts to ultimately simplify the operation and improve user experience.

With Easy Editor, users intuitively tap on the facial area or parts they want to edit. For example, a user could tap on their eyes to: resize them, remove dark circles, or even apply eye shadow. This simple process of tapping what you want to edit applies to all other parts of the human face that are recognized by Meitu's proprietary facial recognition technologies.

Intuitive Tap to Edit
Intuitive Tap to Edit

"We looked to 'pinch to zoom' and 'drag and drop' as the ideal ways a user can interact with a machine because we use them in our daily lives intuitively," said George Chen, Product Manager at Meitu. "We believe Tap-to-Edit has the same underlying user experience principles."

"One of the biggest suggestions we receive from Western users is that our product seems a little complicated and difficult to use," said Steve Ye, a Data Scientist on Meitu.

There are usually over ten icons in a classic editor, which confuses users when they need to find one specific editing function from all of them. Easy Editor is designed to solve the problem, with which users can simply tap on the parts they want to edit and available retouch features will be intelligently displayed.

"Easy Editor disrupts the traditional photo editing experience by intuitively predicting the user's actions, instead of forcing them to understand and navigate a complex series of buttons and toggles," said Daniel Goh, Product Lead at Meitu.

Innovating on Giant's Shoulders
Innovating on Giant's Shoulders

A more immersive experience

Utilizing Easy Editor has negated the need for permanent toolbars that adorn traditional editors, the space being freed up is then utilized to ensure a bigger canvas for editing. An underlying smart-focus algorithm will make sure that what the user is editing is always in focus and occupying the full dimension of the user's screen.  

Expanding into Overseas Markets

By creating a feature that is accessible to even the least tech savvy of users, Meitu is working to expand its overseas presence to places where photo editing is not as popular as it is in Asian markets. "We believe that Easy Editor could dramatically increase our popularity in these markets by directly addressing these concerns," said George Chen, Product Manager at Meitu.

Users can find the new feature either in Mini Apps or in Photo/Editor Module on the BeautyPlus app, which is available to download for free from Google Play and the App Store.

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Source: Meitu, Inc.