Meitu's Group Selfie: Changing the way we take pictures

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XIAMEN, China, Dec. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Meitu introduces Group Selfie, a patent pending replacement for the selfie stick. With Group Selfie, users no longer have to worry about putting distance between themselves and the camera. Instead, Group Selfie uses a proprietary algorithm to detect which user is holding the camera and downsize their face in real time, giving the appearance of added distance between the user and the camera. Say goodbye to those big-headed group selfies.

Easily adjust head size with Group Selfie
Easily adjust head size with Group Selfie

Designed for group experiences

Whether it's a party with friends or a vacation with family, group selfies are a very popular way to record memorable moments. However, taking group selfies isn't always convenient. For example, the head of person holding the camera will always appear larger than others. Most people don't want to be the one that has to hold the camera for the group shot. Also, trying to work in the best angle to fit everyone in and still capture the right backdrop is difficult. Balancing all these factors make it difficult for the person holding the camera to find a comfortable position, pose well, and press the shutter button using one hand.

To solve these pain points, BeautyPlus offers Group Selfie. Camera holders can adjust their head size using the Head Size function in the Group Selfie. In addition to head size adjustment, Group Selfie also features a gesture to allow users and their friends to snap pictures without pressing the button but simply by showing their palm. Also, the camera shutter button has been redesigned for one-handed usage, allowing the user to manually fine tune the size of their head before snapping a picture.

Group Selfie offers users a more convenient experience
Group Selfie offers users a more convenient experience

"Group Selfie addresses the growing bans and restrictions on the use of selfie sticks in public spaces. Though the added reach offered by selfie sticks is very popular right now, this software breakthrough could eliminate the need for such cumbersome hardware entirely,"  said Daniel Goh, Product Lead at Meitu.

A market solution for the masses

Wide-angle selfie lenses also offer another solution to the longstanding selfie problem, but these are only available on select devices such as Apple's latest iPhone 11 handset. However, Group Selfie is available on all Apple and Android devices without the need for specialized hardware, truly taking this solution to the masses.

"Group Selfie gives users total control over their cameras and offers them an active preview of the final image in real time", Said Steve Ye, a data scientist on Goh's team. "This could shorten the queue times at tourist landmarks around world," he joked.

Group Selfie is available.

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Source: Meitu, Inc.