Bringing Realme U1 to Indonesia, Realme Becoming a Smartphone Brand That Has the Most Complete Product Line-Up for Young People in Indonesia

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  • Once again, young people in Indonesia have the opportunity to own Realme U1, world's premier MediaTek Helio P70, which has the best AI performance in its class
  • Although present as a new smartphone brand in Indonesia, Realme has the most complete product line-up that can meet the needs of young people in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Realme, the smartphone brand that specializes in providing high quality smartphones for young people, today officially expanded their product range into Southeast Asia by launching their brand new smartphone line-up that integrates strong performance, a powerful selfie camera and stylish design in Indonesia. By having the world's first MediaTek Helio P70 and SelfiePro feature, the Realme U1 is set to be the new choice of selfie smartphone for the younger generation in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Realme U1 launch in Indonesia
Realme U1 launch in Indonesia

Realme U1 is the latest product line-up from Realme that will complement the product line-up that was previously present in Indonesia, Realme 2 Series and Realme C1. Realme U1 is a new product from Realme that is prepared for young people who like taking selfies, while Realme 2 and Realme 2 Pro are the best smartphone choices and flagship phones for young people and Realme C1 has succeeded in becoming a new benchmark of entry level smartphone in Indonesia.

"Realme U1 is the latest addition to the increasingly popular Realme series that has gathered positive response from the young people in Indonesia. Now, Realme has become the preferred smartphone brand for the youth. By bringing Realme U1 with the best chipset, it will take the selfie experience to the next level to fulfil the young generation's needs nowadays," said Josef Wang, Marketing Director Realme SEA.

"With the launch of Realme U1 in Indonesia, which is equipped with the world's first smartphone with MediaTek Helio P70 and 25MP of SelfiePro camera, Realme provides freedom for young people to choose smartphones in search of new possibilities. We have four series under our power and style philosophy: C series, the value king - Realme C1 offers the most powerful pack of entry-level; Realme Series, the power master, is the best all-rounder in budget segment - Realme 2; U series, the photography expert - Realme U1, the most powerful selfie-centric phone in mid-range; and Pro series, the flagship for youth - Realme 2 Pro, with powerful features and style," Josef added.

Realme U1 demonstrates how the brand is committed to smartphones that combine powerful performance and stylish design. The hardware configuration of the U1 reaches new heights, further upgrading user experience by becoming the world's first smartphone to be equipped with the MediaTek Helio P70 chip.

On choosing the Realme U1 to launch P70, Mr. Thomas Ho, Deputy Director Wireless Communications BU MediaTek Inc., MediaTek said: "We are delighted to partner with Realme to launch World's first MediaTek Helio P70 chipset powered smartphone. The P70 chip is the latest and most powerful chip in the MediaTek P-Series. It represents significant optimization and improvements in performance and power consumption and was designed with stronger camera module support and better AI performance. Realme's platform will showcase the full potential of Helio P70. Realme targets young users that have high expectations of smartphone performance, power consumption, and camera functions. Through this cooperation with Realme, MediaTek will continue expanding internationally."

To give a fresh approach to their target audience, Realme entrusted Shopee to become an online partner in making its first online sale of Realme U1 in Indonesia. As the the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, Shopee will connect Realme U1 to Shopee users across Indonesia.

Rezki Yanuar, Country Brand Manager of Shopee, said, "In recent years, the increase in purchases of smartphone products online has increased. So, we want to be commited to giving many choices for Shopee users. We are excited to partner with Realme in bringing customers the powerful selfie smartphone for young people in Indonesia. Through our exclusive partnership, we believe, this collaboration will benefit both parties as Realme products and Shopee are well-known among millenials. In fact, today, we are looking to delight consumers with the first online sale of the Realme U1 exclusively on Shopee."

Realme is commited to providing products that integrate performance and design and continues to bring leading technology to users through Realme 2, Realme 2 Pro, Realme C1 and Realme U1 products. Realme constantly explores the design expression of mobile phone differentiation based on extensive research and input from Realme fans around the world because Realme focuses on the user-oriented product orientation and allows users to experience breakthrough technology innovations represented by photographs through U-series products.

About Realme

Realme is an emerging smartphone brand that specializes in providing high quality smartphones. The brand was officially established on May 4th, 2018 (National Youth Day of China) by its founder Sky Li together with a bunch of young people who have rich experience in the smartphone industry across countries.

On a mission to "let the youth from all over the world enjoy the pleasant life brought by technology and beauty", Realme focuses on user needs and presents products with both strong performance and trendy design in the broad context of e-commerce.

Realme managed to bring more products to complete the Realme family for the young people. Realme is committed to offering powerful performance, stylish design, sincer services and exploring more possibilities of smartphones. 

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