Century-old Professional Cleaning Brand Eureka Appoints Top Asian Idol Jackson Yee as Global Ambassador

DETROIT, Sept. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On August 26, 2021, Eureka, a century-old cleaning equipment provider, announced the appointment of Jackson Yee, a famous Asian singer, dancer and actor, as its global ambassador.

Within 24 hours of the announcement, the Sina platform witnessed 680 million views, 700 million impressions and the initiation of over 2.2 million discussions related to appointment across social media platforms, setting a new record in terms of the impact of a celebrity endorsement.

Jackson is one of the top Chinese stars with over 80 million followers on Weibo. Over the period of his career, he has endorsed several leading brands. At the tender age of 13, Jackson was already becoming famous in and beyond China, and, has since garnered numerous industry awards. Yet, he never once sat on his laurels, but rather constantly sought to enhance his professional skills while remaining true to his beliefs. Awards earned include Best New Performer, Best New Artist and Best Actor for his first performance in a film. In addition, he is widely respected in his home country for his professional competence and his appearance in the 2021 Forbes China Celebrity list which he earned mainly for his positive impact on communities and for his commercial value.

Whether an individual or a brand, it remains paramount to strive for perfection by constantly enhancing the associated professional skills in the chosen field. Jackson continues to build on his experience and expertise, and so does Eureka. As a house cleaning brand established 112 years ago, Eureka is committed to innovation and R&D backed by a leading branding concept and technological advancements over a century. In line with its dedication and professionalism, the brand focuses on providing shoppers worldwide with an excellent user experience while helping create a clean and comfortable living environment via high-quality cleaning solutions.  

The partnership between the 112-year-old professional cleaning equipment brand and a rising and top artist with proven skills will go miles in raising awareness of the Eureka brand and Eureka's vision of creating a clean and healthy living environment while delivering easy-to-use and efficient house cleaning products.  

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Source: Eureka
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