Chinese Consortium Chain FISCO BCOS Debuts at Singapore Fintech Festival: First Move to Take a Global Challenge

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SHENZHEN, China and SINGAPORE, Nov. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- FISCO BCOS (in the following referred to as BCOS), an opensource blockchain platform, made its debut exhibition at the Singapore FinTech Festival today. The financial blockchain infrastructure platform developed by a Chinese consortium of FinTech innovators is well poised to tap into the global market.

FISCO BCOS at Singapore Fintech Festival 2018
FISCO BCOS at Singapore Fintech Festival 2018

Four strategic partners of BCOS, namely cloud service provider Tencent Cloud, global consulting firm EY, IT service provider Forms Syntron, and internet service provider Anne.Inc, will share their latest business applications and development in blockchain at one of the world's largest FinTech event in Singapore from Nov 12th to 13th.

Tencent Cloud presented how to build TBaaS (Tencent Blockchain as a Service) with BCOS, through which it has pioneered a number of applications in the public sector in China.

Shenzhen-listed Forms Syntron leverages the blockchain platform to deliver several production systems for financial institutions. During the event Forms Syntron demonstrated the robustness of BCOS by showcasing its many applications in intermediary-free loyalty program, mortgage, supply chain finance and bank assurance.

Anne.Inc shared its blockchain solution that prevents copyright infringement in China. With technical advances of BCOS, the company managed to offer its copyright depository trading services to a number of internet giants including Google, Baidu, WeChat,, and Sina Weibo.

EY is one of the leading consulting firms in blockchain research. It shared insights of technology trends, technical know-how, and business applications in the blockchain field.

The Shenzhen-based Consortium also announced today that, as part of the efforts to go global, it has opened up its observatory membership to foreign companies. The move was largely welcomed by participants who have particular interests in leveraging blockchain technology to offer innovative business solutions in their respective fields and markets.

About FISCO BCOSThe Building Block of Open Consortium Chain

FISCO BCOS is built by Financial Blockchain Shenzhen Consortium (FISCO) Taskforce Team (prominent team members include WeBank, Tencent and Shenzhen Securities Communication among others).

The Open Consortium Chain is a concept first introduced by WeBank. It is a not a single blockchain, but rather a new type of blockchain application ecosystem - a set of blockchain applications aimed to serve the general public.

FISCO BCOS is the first blockchain platform built specifically to meet the service demands of the financial industry through extensive upgrades in platform design, security, and regulatory support.

For more information on BCOS and actual use cases, click here. 

To track BCOS during their Singapore FinTech festival debut, follow their official Twitter account @FiscoBcos.