Chinese IoT technology firm Sunmi launches full range of face recognition payment solutions at Alipay Open Day

2018-12-13 21:00 1110

SHANGHAI, Dec. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On December 13, 2018, Sunmi Technology rolled out its lineup of Alipay-enabled face recognition payment products. With a complete face recognition payment solution matrix, participating merchants will benefit from efficient, convenient and smart payment processing experiences. The new series includes the SUNMI K1, H1, T2, T2 LITE, D2 and D1s products. The wide range of functionalities built into the product lineup is designed to help merchants improve productivity by eliminating the time spent by employees processing payments and have employees use the time to engage in upsell opportunities and provide a better customer service experience to shoppers.  

In 2018, use of the face recognition payment technology took off. Sunmi's full range of face recognition payment products provides merchants with solutions for a more interactive sales process, as well as allowing the shopper to complete the entire payment process solo, including weighing what has been bought and swiping one's card or phone, in addition to providing payment and marketing services for different point-of-sale scenarios, whether in retail outlets, supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, parking facilities or government offices.

The partnership between Sunmi and Alipay reflects their shared brand positioning and concept. To cite an example, tourism sector credit approval and processing system provider Fliggy Future Hotel empowers the hospitality industry with internet innovations, providing consumers with a new and unique experience. Based on the concept, the Sunmi H1 solution supplies travelers with an unprecedented level of convenience when they check in and out at participating hotels.

Sunmi Technology, an Internet of Things technology firm committed to driving innovation across the global smart commercial hardware industry, aims to provide better user experience with advanced technologies and insights into the actual needs of merchants. The company has formed partnerships with Alibaba's Hema Fresh Store, Watson's, Carrefour and Starbucks, as well as with other leading Chinese and multinational retailers and food chains.

Source: Sunmi