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Meeting Complex SoC Test Needs with High Throughput
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TAOYUAN, , March 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Chroma 3680 is an advanced, high-precision and high-performance SoC test system. It provides maximum 2048 I/O channels with data rate up to 1Gbps (muxed), 512 paralleled test sites and 512MW test pattern memory depth to satisfy those complex SoC testing requirements with the lowest cost. The target application of Chroma 3680 includes MCU, digital audio, digital TV, set-top box, DSP, network processor, field programmable gate array (FPGA) and consumer IC electronics.

It also comes with a High Density Audio Video Option (HDAVO) that provides 8 modules of arbitrary waveform generators (AWG) and digitizers (DGT). With the sampling rate at 400Msps for each AWG and 250Msps for each DGT with high THD and SNR, the HDAVO is well positioned to test a wide range of mixed signal IC, such as standard baseband, video, audio, graphics, STB and DTV.

The CRISPro software is specially developed for the 3680 test system that allows users to edit test programs quickly and easily via a Graphical User Interface (GUI). It symphonies with Chroma's concurrent testing function not only reduces the programming time but also accelerates overall test speed.

Economical and Flexible ATE with Comprehensive Functions

The Chroma 3380 is an economical and highly flexible ATE that has 1,280 channels with data rate up to 100Mbps with the capability of testing maximum 1024 paralleled sites. With a large selection of optional analog/mixed signal boards, Chroma also developed various conversion software and hardware modules for other automatic test system platforms. It makes the Chroma 3380 platform easily adopted by a large number of customers with competitive overall cost of test (COT). In addition, the 3380 is now fully integrated with the MP5806 RF tester that covers frequency range up to 6GHz. The MP5806-integrated 3380 provides maximum 16 RF ports in both direct mount and cable mount setups. Customers will enjoy strong cost savings for Wi-Fi/ BT/ GNSS/ Tuner/ NB-IoT/ LoRa related ICs and RF components (PA/LNA/Converter, etc.) while meeting the requirements as a total RF/Digital test solution.

The Chroma 33010 PXIe Digital IO Card provides semiconductor grade automatic test functions based on the PXIe architecture with 32 channels. By offering this alternative approach, Chroma opens a huge selection of PXIe analog/mixed signal instruments in the semiconductor testing world. The PXI/PXIe architecture in semiconductor testing offers unparalleled advantage in diversity and flexibility for the increasing varieties in the MCU, MEMS, RF IC and PMIC market.

Full Range Thermal Control Ensures the IC Final Quality

The Chroma 3110S Single Site Hybrid Test Handler is a pick & place IC handler supporting various types of IC packaging, such as BGA, μBGA, QFP series, QFN, Flip-Chip and TSOP up to 120mm packaging size. The built-in full range thermal control unit provides high power cooling ATC (active thermal control), ranged from -40 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius (+/-3 degrees Celsius) and up to -55 degrees Celsius ~ 175 degrees Celsius (+/-3 degrees Celsius), when a high specification thermostat is used. It also supports 220Kgf press-down force on special demand to satisfy the applications of all kinds of product lines. These features make the test handler an ideal device for engineering verification and small batch production.

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