CIAYO Comics Unveils Partnership with Black Shark 2 Pro to Strengthen Indonesian Economy

Ciayo Comics also officially announce certification of 70% Domestic Component Level (TKDN)
2019-11-06 15:26 653

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CIAYO Comics, the first comic platform developed by Indonesians, announced its exclusive partnership with Black Shark 2 Pro gaming phone which just entered the Indonesian market on October 26, 2019. Through this partnership, Black Shark 2 Pro will showcase CIAYO Comics digital comic platform in a form of pre-installed app. The app is already embedded in the phone and accessible permanently before the phone reaches the consumers.

CIAYO Comics' mobile application for Black Shark 2 Pro
CIAYO Comics' mobile application for Black Shark 2 Pro

"Our team has especially built a practical-reading digital comic app, equipped with a comprehensive content of local comic to help support the creative economy. In the future, we will consistently work on more collaboration with other prominent brands to embed CIAYO Comics' digital platform into their devices," said Fahmi Hamka, Business Development of CIAYO Comics.

CIAYO Comics consistency in fostering thousands of local Indonesian comic artists becomes its own attractiveness for major brands to form a collaboration with them. Furthermore, currently CIAYO Comics have accommodate over 1000 comic titles created by more than 500 local comic artists, hundreds of communities, and comic studios from all over Indonesia.

"Through these local contents, we have officially been certified with 70% of the Domestic Component Level (TKDN) by Sucofindo. It becomes a good opportunity for us to widen our partnership with prominent brands to help strengthen their market in Indonesia, and to empower the export of local technological product," Fahmi added.

TKDN marks a certain percentage of Indonesian-made products generally used in a 4G/LTE phone product. The purpose of TKDN is to lessen the trade deficit as a result of the amounts of imported products entering Indonesia. According to the Ministry of Industrial Regulation, to market products in Indonesia, a phone and computer product must fulfill the manufacturing aspects and feature more of Indonesian applications.

Therefore, various development of 4G/LTE product, including Black Shark, is focusing to embed local application content into the software. Fahmi added, "However, local made product is not the only thing that it needs. To meet the necessary requirements of bringing foreign products into the Indonesian market, local applications need to ensure 100% local content in the components of the pre-installed app, such design, human resources, competency certificates, and work equipments. It is indeed an achievement that CIAYO Comics has completed all the local components."

TKDN regulation also serves as a government strategy to promote the export of local electronic product, and according to data from the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin), the outcome has now increased significantly. Kemenperin noted that throughout the 2018, export value and industrial electronic have reached USD 8.2 billion, or grow from USD 7.9 billion in 2017. The figures of imported smartphone have also dwindled from 60 million units in 2014 to 3.89 million units in the 1st semester of 2018.

"The broad potential of economic growth has become an individual challenge, for us, the local application developers, to create a product that entices global brands and to competently balance the product quality. Therefore, we will continue to develop local IP characters that have been the identity of CIAYO Comics, such as Chips, Hana & Mr. Arrogant, Si Nopal, Si Juki, and Mang Awung. When the IP becomes increasingly popular, it will not only boost the value but also attract more collaboration with global brand to better promote the CIAYO Comics' local IPs," Fahmi concluded. 

About CIAYO Corp:

CIAYO Corp started as an intellectual property development business with digital comic application CIAYO Comics in 2016. CIAYO Comics became the first national digital comic platform in Indonesia. CIAYO Corp also runs a game development studio, CIAYO Games under its umbrella, and collaborating with prominent animation studio and game studio, respectively Kumata Studio and Agate Studio. CIAYO Games launched the mobile arcade game "CHIPS: Monster Tap!" which was nominated in Indonesia Game Contest by Google Play and The Best Mobile Game of The Year by Popcon Asia 2017. Operating as a media, CIAYO Corp runs CIAYO Blog to publish contemporary pop culture issues that reaches more than 100,000 readers every month.

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